Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another day of macro snowflakes

I got out this morning, when I noticed that big clumps of snowflakes were falling.  Now, it's not like the kids let me go far, so as I stood on the back stoop, enjoying my blip of sunshine, I decided that I needed to try again.  Since one of my goals this year is to get more comfortable with snapping in Manual, and I love capturing nature, I got back out and tried to snap a few more snowflakes.   This time instead of focusing on the flakes on the turf carpet, I went with naturally occuring snowflakes the way they fell on the stair railing and the grill.

A lovely rug of flakes on the railing.

They even got stuck on the end of the railing, stuck in ice. 

A flake or two on wood.  
How is moss still green in January?

Flakes on the grill. 

I like how some of them are broken by where they smacked into the grill.  

There were more on top, harder to focus on one, but this one turned out neat.  


amy said...

Love, love, love these

amy said...

Love, love, love these