Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CAL Week 1 -done

My friend H introduced me to a crocheting group on fb, and invited me in.  I was JUST in time to start a Crochet-a-long aka CAL for 2015.  They just started it this weekend.  Well, week 1 was this weekend, and I was muddling through that, they posted week 2 already.  Oy.  Almost behind on a new New Year's goal already.  Anyway, it's the most advanced crochet project I've ever done.  Ever.  But I wanted to try.  I'm using the bag of leftover Anna and Elsa yarns I had for my color scheme.  I finally just finished it, in spite of having to rip out 3 different rows (frog - a cutesy new phrase I learned for do-overs)   I had finished another project this weekend, and it took me a day and a half, because I have the cutest distraction named Jacob, and I kept goofing up, and want to know what else I learned, well, what do you know? Counting stitches actually helps!  Well, week 1 is done anyway, and am rather proud of myself.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, Cathy! That's super cute!