Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Test Run

I got a wild hair yesterday. Well, technically earlier this weekend was when I thought of it.  I am hosting an Essential Oil class here on Friday, and I wanted to borrow the zyto scanner from my leader Val, but Cindi, my 1up and usual go between is out of town. I could go into deeper detail about the scanner, how it uses electrical impulses from the nerves in my hand, biomarkers, to assess what oils and supplements I need, but I don't really understand it.  I just know it works.  The first time I scanned myself, it told me I needed Brain Power.  Well, duh.  I needed it so much, I couldn't even think of it.  I got it, and though I can't stand the smell, even I can't deny it's helpful.  I scanned Chris, and it suggested Dill, I thought that was tremendously random, until I read the fine print on Dill Essential Oil.  It's good for all kinds of intestinal drama, even reducing sugar cravings, yet also good for relieving tension and anxiety.  Chris has all kinds of nervous energy, and how did it know about his intestinal drama?  I don't know.  We scanned my mother in law, and she tested for Thyromin, a thyroid supplement.  I didn't know she was having any thyroid trouble.  Aunt Teri knudges her in the arm, I TOLD You!  I told you, you were having thyroid trouble.  It's funny how thyroids can test normal, but not be behaving normally.  I think it's what is normal for you, your normal may be in the higher range, so being low normal, may be Low.  Anyway, she got it, and cedarwood, and is now sleeping better than she has in years!  Like I said, I don't understand why or how it does what it does, but the scanner works!   Anyway, I wanted to have it for my class. I like to give scans to our team, and it helps to offer a free scan to anyone who wants to sign up, so they can get an idea what to order when putting their starter kit order together.  Or to develop a wish list.  My oily wish list is rather extensive.  ;)

Well, since Eric was working, I just packed up the boys and took them north on my scanner run.  
They had their screens; we had snacks, so I'm calling it a Test Run for our trip in March to Texas. The big boys were off for MLK day, so we had the time to make the run.  It ended up being Perfect.
I bribed them, saying if they could behave, I would stop in Castleton on the way home for Legos.  
Darned if that technique didn't work. 

It actually went quite well.  They were happy playing games. If they started to argue, I need only threaten not to stop for Legos.  (I set a 10$ limit to pick out ANY 1 thing in the store) Chris did an excellent job of helping out with Jacob while I drove.  The only problem we encountered was 10 minutes before our destination, the big boys all had to pee.  They couldn't wait.  Since I'd gotten a later start (couldn't see to find my glasses) than I'd wanted, we ended up missing Val, who we were going to try to meet at her place.  She ended up leaving me the scanner for a drive by.  Well, the boys, as you can imagine, were really bummed there were no kids to play with upon arrival at our destination, so I pulled off the next best thing.  

We went to McDonald's. 

This McD's in Ft. Wayne was always the first stop we'd make when we would drive to Michigan when we were younger.  We called it Our McDonald's.  Seriously, if I had to pee in Noblesville, I'd hold it until Ft. Wayne, I don't know why.  It was just Our McD's.  I texted my sister to let her know where we'd stopped for lunch, and she was like, Aww...  Yeah, Aww.  Now my boys think it's Their McDonald's.  And now it has a Playplace.  That made their day.  Though Jake wanted to play on it, and he's not exactly big enough, so he was our limiting factor, and we hit the road after an hour.  

As we were heading out, my phone rang.  It was Eric's cousin's wife Anna.  They were in town for a seminary convention thing, from Wisconsin! We hadn't seen them since Grandpa's funeral.  When she mentioned on facebook they were in Ft. Wayne, and it was clear we were headed there, I wrote and asked for a drive by hugging.  The baby was just weeks old when last we saw them, they hadn't been able to come down for Christmas due to church obligations.  But when she called, she had some time, and so we popped over.  

So we got to stop at Anna's Mom's house and visit.  Rudy is now approaching 6 months old and adorable.  He has a completely different yet same look from his big sister.  She's 6 months older than Jacob... and they are Just barely beginning to interact.  

Neither one was real keen on sharing.  But both are learning they Have To. 
The big boys were happy to play with little kid toys, and just be out of the car for a while. 
I was happy to see all this cuteness.  It was the Perfect stop.  

And they wore themselves out enough to make the trip home.  

I had to raise my voice only a little, and they won.  They made it to the Lego store.  
They each played a bit, making people, picking out items way too expensive, before finally settling on some green Lego Mixels.  And then we hit the road.  I stopped into the Disney store, just to get pumped up, and amazingly didn't buy anything.  For now anyway.  

The boys did really well on this trip, so I have high hopes our trip to Texas will be a successful one!