Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby, it's cold outside

Well, in case you were wondering, it's Winter Now.

We got 3-4 inches dumped on our heads last night.  Just in time for the yahoos to go back to school.
You never saw such disappointed sweetboys.  The temp dropped like 30 degrees in a day.  Brrr...

They were mad as hornets that they had to school.  They really wanted their Winter Break to get extended just a little bit longer.  Just like last year.  Sorry kiddos.  Gotta go to school.   
Mommy needed a break.  Jake and I just ended up staying home, and doing nothing.  In the quiet.
And what a beautiful day it ended up being.

My backyard is so beautiful on a snowy day! 

But my front yard ain't too shabby either.  
I took these pics with my new Christmas present. :) 

Not too bad of pics, but it's really easy when God provides such a beautiful sunset.