Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rear Window

Poor Jimmy Stewart. I feel his pain, those rear windows can be a pain in the butt.

When last I left you all, I'd been recovering slowly from the cooties Chris gave me, which consisted of a sinus infection, and goo infiltrating my lungs. I haven't had my voice back in 2 weeks. Last Monday I started an antibiotic, I just finished it today. Wednesday I threw my hip out while running, not as bad as it could have been. I went to the chiropractor the week before, when I was just gross and cootie covered. And I walked for a while after. I thank the Lord for Good Drugs, but somehow consequentially, the last couple weeks have gotten away from me entirely. Last Saturday morning, I ran 2 miles here at home all by myself. I've been a hot mess. Just want to curl up and stay in bed all day...but the boys won't let me. So I press on.
This week, I actually made it to running on Tuesday night. I was so proud of myself, I repeated Week 5 of the C25K program, running 5 minutes, walking 3, for 5K, and I did it, in 51 minutes, and didn't die. That's the most important part. I didn't cry, or die. It wasn't easy, but it was doable. I can do this! I'm so excited I'm thinking about signing up to run my first official 5K, the Family Fun 5K in DisneyWorld. Eric signed up for The Goofy Challenge.
I was feeling good, so Wednesday I grabbed a girlfriend, and we hit the Eiteljorg, went shopping for supplies for Freezer Cooking night at Sam's. I had plans to cook all night Wednesday and most of the day Thursday. Well, plans fail. It was nice and cool after we dropped Maria off, and we were a little toasty in the car, so Sam asked me to put up his window. He meant to roll it down. But when I rolled his window down (and not mine) something in the air pressure of the car rapidly changed. Suddenly there was whirring and shaking in my head. Then I got dizzy, and really nauseous.
That's not Normal. So I immediately pulled over and called Dr. C, our family doctor. They agreed it was not normal, put me right on with the nurse, who put me on hold to talk to the doctor. I figured this much abnormality, it must be my ears, so I commenced driving straight to my doctor's office. They were cool with that. (Gosh I love them!) I called a friend to snag Chris from the bus, God Bless Her. And Sam (who was desperate for a nap) and I hit the doctor's office for me. I was so Queasy. It's funny, when I feel the most like ass is when the kids find the most energy and discover new ways to annoy me?! Anyway, Dr. C. says it's Vertigo. Color me not surprised. Been There, Done That. My friend Kathleen, immediately went scrolling back through the blog to when I'd Done That the first time. I was fair miserable for a few days, but unable to drive far for weeks. Super.
At least this time, I'm not suffering a back injury, just some sore feet. I went shopping for running supplies: shoes and a new bra, on Tuesday, and the Running Man told me my foot pain sounded suspiciously like plantar fasciitis. Ugh. At least Eric doesn't have to stay home and babysit me. I took it very easy on Thursday. God Bless my friends. My friend Elizabeth came over for a visit, armed with a McD's carmel mocha, ready and eager to help in any way. Once I gave up the ghost to cancel everything and not go anywhere, we were ok. Actually, Sam was pretty adorable padding around the house in his jammies all day. It had been a while. In the evening, my superfriends struck again, bringing me a load of frozen meals, even though I'd been able to finish mine. Hooray, now I didn't have to expend much energy to cook dinner either until my ears settle up. Very nice.
Actually, Friday morning, I opted to head out and see if our original schedule would work. I did learn, that I can only drive about 15 minutes comfortably. Heading out to Speedway had me a little queasy, but I stopped at Starbucks on the way, made it much more bareable. ;) Coming back was a little bit rougher.
Luckily, this weekend's plans keep us pretty close to home, we'll see about Sam's school next week. Vertigo sucks.