Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From Mom2Mom

As fall begins, we jump start the new school year with a Mom2Mom picnic in my friend Jen's backyard.

Sam immediately found a bunch of new toys, and we couldn't talk him into eating more than a bite of dinner, and it was macaroni and cheese, that's unheard of.

But he found his friend Noah and NoahSissy, also known as Ella, and he got carried away with playing.

Same thing with Big Brother. Chris discovered the bouncehouse about 2 seconds after we arrived, and he didn't stop jumping until they tore it down.

And even then, he didn't want to stop playing on it.

He had a great time playing with Jen's tough girls, and the three of them had a great time climbing a 'tree', really it was a big bush, but Chris had a great time climbing it.

Unfortunately, today is our first group meeting, and we can't go because Chris is sick, he's got croup, but that leaves him plenty of time to watch cartoons, and more time for me to blog. ;)


Sarah Forgrave said...

We missed you this morning! Fun pictures...I was sad to miss the picnic. :(