Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where to begin?

Oh my goodness. So much has been going on the last 6 weeks I can't even begin. I've been trying to keep up here, but it's a lot. I'll start with we now finally have internet access. AT&T kept dancing us around for weeks, first saying that we weren't a real house. They finally sent someone out to confirm, scheduled a guy to come an install a month later. But when he got here, he said we were too far away from some box, and he'd send a guy out. Only the next guy said he couldn't fix it either. And that they would send another guy.
They didn't.
We kept giving them the benefit of the doubt. So last weekend we were at the mall, they had an AT&T store; Mike and Kathleen said we should still give them a try. We did. They said they'd call the Uverse guys, who weren't open and get them to come out on Monday.
They didn't.
Last week we called Bright House, and we were just about to lose our minds when they said we didn't have a real address either. Only they did actually come out.
And Bright House installed for us this morning.

Hooray for Internet! What an insane summer. I'll try to get more caught up on blogging, pictures, and whatnot.