Monday, September 12, 2011

Battle of the Blues

My sister in law had a Brilliant Idea. We should all go the Butler VS. ISU football game in Terre Haute, which was this past Saturday. For the first time in 37 years they would play football.
The Battle of the Blues.
Blue and White ISU Fighting Sycamores. (Really, what are they, Ents or something?) VS. The Blue and White Butler Bulldogs!

That's Right Ryan. FEAR THE GLASSES!!!

(My brother in law is often mistaken for Brad Stevens.)

I'd like to say the boys were all excited about the game. But to be honest, they got more excited about the band. Who can blame them right?! Eric and I met in the Butler Marching Band, but Ryan and Amy met in the ISU Marching Band. So we are all about the bands.

When the Butler Team took the field for the first time, in my head I heard the intro drumbeats for the Butler War Song. It took me a second to realize, they weren't in my head. I was hearing the Band! Hip Hip Hooray! Super added bonus surprise! The Bulldog Marching Band was Actually there. It was Dueling Blue Marching Bands.
Oh yeah. They marched Pregame and a song from Cirque de Soleil Nuba. It was Awesome!

And then ISU marched and did a great version of Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves, which for some reason I think I've heard (or played) before, and it has been stuck in my head ever since.

Then it got really Super Awesome as both bands took the field and played America the Beautiful in honor of September 11.

Now me, I would've been perfectly content leaving after the halftime show. Probably happier. Butler didn't make much of an appearance in the 3rd quarter, but we at least brought our loss up to reasonable instead of a trouncing by the end. Maybe we'll get invited back. Sam, however was DONE by the second half.

Nice soft concrete.

Good game. Great Times.

Oh did I mention that Mom and Dad W. wanted to crash the party? Oh yeah, they came along and kicked the trip up a notch by wanting to have a big family style German Dinner at the Bierstube in Terre Haute. It was so Yummy. But what was pretty impressive was that the kids did quite well considering their states of extreme exhaustion. They had a lot of fun playing with each other. Kaylee and Chris told sweet cheesy jokes.

And Lexi was having a great time making Sam laugh.

I don't know if you can see this one very well, but Sam's cheeks were really round and he has no eyes because he was laughing so hard at his cousin.

It was raining as we left the restaurant, raining on our heads, but sunny on the horizon all around us. I looked for rainbows, and when I couldn't find one, I decided it must've been where we were standing because it was just that kind of an awesome day.


Elizabeth said...

Awww...sounds awesome! And I love how you ended that post!

indyhumes said...

Love the pictures of the game and knowing you had such a good time with the fam! See you tomorrow