Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Spider

I know, I know, I have been a terrible slacker about blogging. Well, at least we have good reasons. The new house doesn't have internet yet, and as we continue to slowly empty out the old place, the kids are less and less pleasant about letting me online. So I have to wait until Eric lets me out, and usually I don't have long.

However, today he's letting me online so you all can help me identify this guy. Or lady. She made a web on our new back porch door windows yesterday, probably figured out lots of bugs like to hang out there. And by the time we were ready for bed, there was this huge web and she'd just caught 2 June bugs. We watched enrapt as she wrapped them up like a pro. We must've watched a good hour before we thought to go for the cameras. But we did.

Photos by Eric Willman.

I must give credit where Credit is due. My case of the willies was too bad, and the shutter speed too long, for any of my pictures to turn out. And my superhero husband is so brave he went outside to try to get close to it. He even broke out the macro lens, but it wouldn't let us get close because it was so dark out. Only a couple of the flash photos turned out. But I got some video.

Until Eric sat down next to me, and the back door rug fibers brushed my skin like a spider and I did a little girl scream. Yeah. I'm a big weenie, and it was really scary.