Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Fair Day, Part 2

Hello again from the Indiana State Fair! I took a bazillion pictures of the boys, they had such a wonderful time.

My sweet little farmers gave gathering eggs and other goodies a try. Love the hats.

Chris and Sam ride on tractor trikes. (OK Daddy's pushing Sam, but at least his legs almost reached.)

The boys meet a sheep and her little lamb in the old barn.

Chris spies a catfish as big as he is.

Sam was more fond of the trout.

But the exhibit of snowmobiles was a Big Hit for both boys!

Chris told me he wanted a tattoo from the lady giving henna tattoos. Sure, I let him.

I even joined him. I love henna tattoos!

Then off to the midway to ride some rides.

It was great that Sam was tall enough to ride some of the kiddie rides!

Chris and Sam picked the bumblebee ride. No big surprise.

Boys go wild on the ferris wheel.

RAWR! is Dinosaur for I Love You.

Say Cheese!

Somebody thinks he's all set and ready to be a Boy Scout. Personally, Mommy can't wait either.

A Fair Day...in the year of the Soybean.