Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr. Turtle

We love our new backyard. The day before school started we had a little visitor padding through our backyard. What an amazing opportunity for the boys. Very Cool.

And so they met Mr. Turtle. (I know, I'm so creative with names.) ;)

Chris was a champ, he reached out just as I asked, and only touched with one finger. With wildlife, our policy, is f they are in our house, they probably need to leave or die. And if they are outside, we leave them alone, or just look and don't touch. Sam likes to stomp ants, and Chris is working on explaining the fine differences to him as we encounter bugs on the sidewalk. But this turtle, well, no one was going to hurt him. Just in case he was a snapper, I don't think he was.

I think he was a box turtle.

The boys were really good with him, downright respectful and cautious.

He was downright speedy, kept switching directions, deciding where to go.

And the boys didn't quite know what to do with them. Did I ever tell you all how we had a pet turtle back in the day, Mervin, but he ran away? No joke. My Mom let him out to play, we'd do that periodically, she went in to take a call, returned and he was gone. I always wondered how he got away so fast. But watching this little guy trying to escape the boys, I can see how Merv made a mad dash for the creek.

Bye Bye Mr. Turtle. Come back again soon.

Though something tells me he won't, he kind of was flipping out when the boys were near, and he hauled shell to get away as soon as we went inside.