Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Fair Day, Part 1

Last week, Chris had a Riley day. He'd had a couple bumpy days at school, and then he had a couple appointments at Riley, just checkups and that sort of thing. But we had won free tickets to the State Fair. And Frankly, we've been under so much stress, a little half day off sounded right up our alley.

So yes, I was that parent, that took a mental health day (or half a day) the second full week of school. Don't tell Chris...or his teacher.

So First Stop after Riley (because I'm a dork) was the Zoo Gardens. Apparently, they had a Victoria Lily that was blooming. They only bloom for 24 hours and are really rare, so since we were in the area, we popped over for a photo opportunity.

The lilies in the water gardens were especially gorgeous that day.

Check out that dragonfly landing on the storks beak. So cool.

This is the Victoria Lily.

And some sweetboys you may know.

One good family picture, but it's hard to expect much when setting the camera on a bench and letting it take the pic itself.

Next up, I hope to actually tell you about making it to the Fair. But no more time to blog now.


Yasher said...

Wonderful photos! And I'm all for mental health days! I think more people should take them, when they need them, instead of becoming overwhelmed and unhappy! Ten points for a great decision! :)