Friday, August 19, 2011

Just keep Swimming

I'd love to say that we are doing wonderfully after moving into the new house. But we just can't seem to shake these problems that keep coming our way. We thought when we moved in mid-July, that we were mere days away from closing on the construction loan and finishing up the finished plumbing.

Not yet. Not on either. The banks have been having us send paperwork, and all kinds of craziness for weeks. It's been so long, they had to have us reappraised, and when the appraisal came back different than the original estimate, that opened up a whole new can of worms. Eric's a superchamp and keeps on sending, checking with the bank, and mortgage broker every other day. But he's working full time too. And while we thought that in moving in, it would be better, easier on him, it's really not. There's a lot of cuteness to distract. We've had 3 different plumbers now work on it, who have said it's all so easy, so close to being finished, but they only spend a day or two, and keep bumping into problems, stuff won't work like they though, they want us to buy new stuff, and we just don't have the money for it. So it waits, we buy another part, it doesn't work. Sure we could probably have finished this weeks ago if we had unlimited funds, but the bank is holding our last draw hostage until we close the construction loan. I'm so sick of being stressed about money, tired of fighting, and sick of having things unfinished all over the house. Sure the house is amazing, beautiful, breathtaking, and wonderful. But if I sit in one place too long I see all the things left undone; nails in the trim that never got covered, the doors don't match the trim, showers undone....etc. So now what? I think Eric and I look around and there's so much to be done, we forget and don't know where to begin.

However, just when I think I'm going to go bonkers, we get a ray of sunlight. Or hot running water anyway. Last night Eric got the boys bathtub screwdriver. We still don't have functioning shower controls yet, but the basics are done, and if Eric uses a screwdriver he can turn on/off the water. They took a bath in it, thrilled and ecstatic. Grandma bought them a whole bunch of Toy Story stuff to decorate their new bathroom, they've been so antsy to use it. They ran through the house dressed in Woody and Buzz towel ponchos. So crazy happy I forgot to take pictures. Then I got my first bath there too. How wonderful to be able to bathe in our own new house, after a month of coming back over to the old house for bathing and internet. We get internet on Monday. Maybe we've turned a corner.

So, like this turtle that we found at the zoo the other day: We just keep Swimming.