Thursday, September 22, 2016

6 weeks out

Now it's my turn, Mama is gonna blog a bit.  It's been a very Go Go Go couple of weeks, and I am grateful to just sit and chill a bit.

It's been 6 weeks since my surgery.   I can't believe.  It has really flown by since the third week.  I guess I've been feeling good enough to finally get out and Do Things!  Hooray for finally getting out of the house!

Lisa gave me this shirt a couple years ago, I was nursing Jacob and it didn't go over my boobs at all.  I kept thinking, it will eventually fit when I stop nursing.  Nope.   
But today is a Beautiful day, nice and warm, the First Day of Fall.  

So the  First Day of Fall calls for a Drinkie!   
A Pumpkin Macchiato.  
I didn't know we could do that, a carmel macchiato with pumpkin. Yowza!  

And it's a Good Time to go see Friends!  

I got to hold little Alexis Jane, John John's little sister.   
She sat up pretty well, so it didn't hurt me much to hold her!  
It felt pretty good to hold a baby again.  It feels a lot different with my new chest, like there are less places for a baby to snuggle into.  

I was talking to my sister, and she suggested I take a bra picture with one of my old bras, to give an indication of what my bra size Used to be.  It used to be so big, that not only did many of my cute shirts not fit, but big enough that my family members would put a cup on their head like a hat.  Yeah, not only were my boobs bigger than my baby's head, but bigger than my own!  Lisa double dog dared me to do it to myself, to compare contrast the old bras with the new.  So I debated it, but have decided to go ahead and share it here with just you guys.   Enjoy the Laugh!