Thursday, September 29, 2016

Spirit Week

It is Time to blog again. I've been getting out of the groove.  My favorite subject to talk about, of course, is the boys.  This week, Chris and Sam had a good week for their school.  It was Spirit Week, officially to celebrate College Go! week.   Whatever,  I will call it Spirit Week.

Monday was 'Dress for Success' day.  
They dressed up like the jobs they want when they grow up. 
Sam is a Scientist, and Chris wants to be a Teacher.

Sam is totally carrying his microscope and goggles.  Now of course, I know that he wouldn't be allowed to wear shorts in any lab, but that's ok.  We couldn't find the goggles either, until it was too late.  I later found them in the garage on the toys shelf.  Meanwhile, it's clear Chris needs to upgrade his size of pants.  He's showing a little too much ankle for my liking.  But he cleans up pretty good.

Tuesday was College Bound day. 
Can you guess where we would choose?  
All Bulldogs, all the time! 
Mommy's gotta show her school spirit too.  

On Wednesday, the theme was Education is your Super Power, dress as your favorite super hero.
Christopher's teacher challenged them to create their own Super Hero.  Chris chose Super Karate.  That was the superhero that he made up when he used to play with his old bff Claudia.  I think the mask and cape really make the look, don't you agree?!   Meanwhile, Sam is consistently awesome with his Green Lantern.   

Thursday, it was Hats off for Graduation. 
They look pretty adorable in their hats. 
Every morning they insist on getting their scooters out and riding while they wait for the bus.  
I love watching them play happily together, it makes up for the other times. 

For Friday, I completely flaked taking their picture.  They were supposed to be dressed in their Purple Bulldog gear for Brown Elementary or Brownsburg High School whichever.  They did, I don't have a Brownsburg shirt, but I put purple on too.  We're lucky that we have such a great school.  Our school just won an award for being a National Blue Ribbon School for 2016.  We were the only local elementary to win, among 279 throughout the country.  Yes, in case you were wondering, our school rocks!