Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Whirlwind Funeral

What a Whirlwind! 
Last weekend, we went to Ohio for Uncle Ron's Funeral.   
We weren't there for very long, and the trip out wasn't too long.  It actually was easier on my chest to travel on the highway than on the country backroads that I'd taken with my Mom, just more Road Construction.   The boys behaved well, and really, that's all I ask for.  It helped that we were listening to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief the audiobook all the way there and back again.  

Mom booked us a room at the Country Inn and Suites by Carlson.  Mommy wanted to make sure we had plenty of Room, so she Hooked Us Up!  She really did a great job too.  Our Suite was Sweet!  The big boys had their own room, with TV, and Mommy and Daddy had queen size beds to themselves (well, with Jacob) and a sliding pocket door.  So it was easy to watch tv later in the evening after they went to bed.   They Loved It!  It was much more kid friendly (family of 5 friendly) than the Hilton Garden Inn Ma and I had stayed at the week before. 

We went to the Beer Barrel Pizza place for dinner with Li and the girls next door.  
It was a nice evening to walk there, we even got to sit outside.  And since we walked, there was Beer.
That took some of the stressors away. 

Aunt Lisa had some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans in her purse (she always likes to keep a bit of candy there).   And the kids were getting antsy while we waited.  They were Fast with the Beer, notsomuch with Food.  The kids were crazy.  Aunt Lisa has no fear of bribery.  She gave him one that "looked like pear".  It was not pear.  She gave my poor baby a Booger flavored jelly bean.  Meanest Aunt Ever!!  And amazingly, Jacob, being a Superchamp, didn't spit it out. He reluctantly chewed it up and ate it.   But, oh the faces this kid makes!

We found a wide open field next to the hotel for the kids to play in.  Let them get some energy out! 

After supper at the Brewery, the kids all wanted to go swimming.  
Mommy isn't allowed to Swim, so I watched a sad documentary on September 11, while they swam.
Aunt Lisa took pictures of Uncle Eric with all 5 yahoos in the pool. 

It's not so bad, since 4 out of 5 of them are less likely to drown now.  
Since swim class this summer, Chris and Sam do well keeping their heads above water.  But I'm not allowed to go swimming until my scars and stitching heal up.  No submersion for me.  Honestly, I missed it, I love a nice relaxing evening swim after a long day's travel.   But I did not miss feeling freezing cold as we get back to the hotel room.  

The big boys crashed hard.  
Chris forgot his stuffy.  Aunt Lisa saved him from a meltdown by McGyvering a washcloth and a hair doodley, but it didn't matter, he found something/someone else to give him comfort.   I snapped this pic when I was checking on them before I went to bed.  They were enchanting.  

All 5 great-grandkids together saying Goodbye to Uncle Ron. 
I don't normally post pictures of my family members after they've passed.  I do take them sometimes, but never post them.  Though, you can't see much here.  This was the moment we arrived, we had come in a caravan from the hotel, and the kids were the first ones into the room.   It was almost sweet.  Bringing them to funerals reminds me of the Circle of Life, and it brings me Joy among the Sorrow.  

All 5 curl up to watch the Ipad, or ipady as the girls call it.  

I have to take flower pictures.  
We asked Uncle Ron last week what his favorite color was, he'd gone to Michigan State, so I thought it would've been green, but his whole house was bedecked in blue.   He surprised us all by answering my question, Red.   Uncle Richard joked, Red was the only color he didn't see on a regular basis.  So for his Farewell, Mom ordered a Red and White casket spray.  It was very pretty.  

This was from one of the bouquets where U Ro used to Volunteer, the Senior Cafe.  

Kids keep occupied with the ipad.  I'm so glad I brought it.  5 on 1 screen is hard, but they did a good job, held up like champs.  The viewing was for 2 1/2 hours prior to the service.  And Uncle Ron was Blessed with a lot of friends and neighbors who came by.  The comments were all the same, How did this happen?  It was so fast?   He never even said he was sick.   
He didn't know.  

With all the insanity, I'd forgotten one tiny thing.  Just the one!  I had picked out a bouquet of flowers to order on Friday, and left the page open Saturday for Eric to double check and ok where the funds were going to come from, because this wasn't the time of the month where we had a lot available, and before I dip into his account I like to touch base with him on these things.  In theory we budget for gifts, but it needed to be moved around, blah blah.  Anyway, I forgot to order... until we walked in at 9:30 Monday morning. Crap! 
I called the Florist, same one I'd picked out.  And I begged them to pull something together.  They did just so happen to have something they could do.  Wonder of wonders, They Did It!  I had flowers with our name on it in 15 minutes, before friends started arriving!  I called them our 'Pulling a Miracle out of our A$$' bouquet.   I wouldn't recommend doing it that way all the time.  I'd wanted purple irises and red things, but in a pinch, this bright bouquet was perfect.   I tell you, if you're ever in Findlay, check out Sink's Florist!  

We went to the graveside for the interrment, and the kids thought it was beautiful out there in the country.  Ron did too.  Each boy picked a flower from his casket at the end.  <3

It's a nice spot.  Apparently, there are a number of Postmen out here on this corner of the Van Horn Cemetery to keep him company.  It's a nice spot.  So by the end we were all pretty content.  

My family puts the Fun in Dysfunctional.  And I'd been dreading what would happen after the service.  But we were able to go to a luncheon at Steve's Dakota Grill and take over a room in the back.   We slugged back a few, giving a "medicinal wine from a teaspoon, then beer from a bottle" toast to Uncle Ron.  Music Man was his Favorite.   And we laughed a bit.   Not like the old days, but still pretty good.  We headed out straight from lunch, and drove home.   It wasn't a bad ride, but it was a crazy few days, and I was relieved it was done.  I got a lot of comfort from being surrounded by my crazy boys.  I love them so, and I'm so glad they have each other.  It's such a Blessing to have family around when the Stuff hits the fan.  

It may be the last time we all get together for a while.  At least, I hope it is.  It's been a rough 15 months for my Mom, losing two brothers and her Mom.  I hope we're done for a fat long time.