Thursday, April 30, 2015

Playing hooky to go to the Zoo

On Jacob's birthday weekend, after all the partying on Saturday, we just couldn't get it together to make it to church.  We opted to go to the Zoo instead.  One of my favorite things to do in the Spring, is go to the Zoo, and see the flowers.  And I heard the tulips were blooming, and that the butterflies were back.  How could we resist?

And the tulips were blooming.  

 They looked gorgeous, even though it had actually been kind of long for the season, we hadn't had much time to get down to the zoo.  Busy Season with birthdays and Easter and all that.   But we finally got down to the zoo, and though a few were bloomed through, there was still plenty of gorgeous color.  These nearly black ones are usually the last to bloom in the tulip season, and we got to see them at their beginning, and the tail end of most of the others.  

This right here.  
This is why I like to go to the Zoo during Tulip season.  
It's become a tradition, for us to take a family picture, a selfie of sorts, on the edge of the pool in the Gardens.  We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky.   

The boys were even kind of behaving too.   Though Jacob didn't want his picture taken, he mildly tolerated it.  The big boys are used to it by now.  

All my sweetboys.  

OK, we had to lock down Jacob in the stroller for one last shot.  I actually liked the height of them standing, but Jacob kept making a run for it.  

Little goobers were having way too much fun running around.  

But how refreshing for us.  It has been a while since I could just let them run wild outside.  
I bet they are going to have a great time this summer!  

I have pictures of just the two boys standing here too.  
See, it's my new tradition?!  

Now Jake is big enough to crawl up there, just like one of the big boys.  
I guess he is a big boy now that he's 2.  

They are almost done with their season.  The Zoo Gardens always have a beautiful display.  

Do, Re, Egon. 
All three yahoos want to walk the wall back inside.  
We decided that everyone was in a good mood enough to check out the butterflies for a bit.  

We found a Blue Morpho Butterfly!  
Thanks to Diego, I know this one easily.  

I thought I might be able to get this one on my finger. 
Jacob was perplexed by all the butterflies zipping around.  
He'd just stop and stare, then he'd take off after them.  

A crowd of Julias.   

These were the only animals we saw, and that was fine by me.  
I love the Butterfly exhibit, and I love the Flowers.  Really this trip was just for me. :)