Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pre-game for Easter

I woke up Saturday morning, FREAKING OUT.  My first thought upon waking was that the Bunny hadn't come. I'd completely forgotten Easter.  We hadn't made Eggs or anything!  I was yelling, and had Eric halfway down the stairs before we realized... it was Saturday.   Whew!  We had another day.  
So we made Easter Eggs!  

I had a couple different things in the cabinet leftover from last year, one was a gold paint egg set, that used a paintbrush.  Then I decided to supplement colors with vinegar and food coloring.   Sam got a kick out of me putting Red 40 into a container he could use.  Jacob liked Yellow.  

All of us got in to making Eggs.  :) 

Jacob didn't like getting his hands messy.  
But he kept insisting on using his hands to get the eggs out of the color tubs.  Then he got upset when his hands got dirty. Vicious cycle.  Well, by the evening's end, all our hands were colored, so it doesn't matter. 

Sam used the green gold to paint an egg. It turned out gorgeous! 

And here was our final haul.  Not too shabby!