Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eatchur Bootday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Beautiful Baby Boy! 

The Birthday Pig brought his heart's desire as a first present, a bunch of Yo Gabba Gabba toys for him to play with.   He was thrilled.  

The party continued downstairs with presents.  He clearly didn't remember his first birthday, as opening presents aimed for him was something new.  
He was surprised when this Muno doll from Aunt Lisa started talking.  

Chris got to be Jake's special helper. 
He helped him open a DVD kit of Yo Gabba Gabba movies. 
Can you see a theme here?  

He cracks me up as he tries to model the tshirt.  It's a YGG Superhero Tshirt. 
It's our favorite things.  

Jake and I received a Joint Big Present for our birthdays. 
A Car DVD player and screens for all of us in the car, which will be so handy when we start our trip to Florida this summer. It will probably be the Only time Jacob and I can share a birthday present.  But we'll get some good use out of it. 

For Jacob's Birthday, we decided to start his party at the mall. 
We met up with our friends at the Disney Store.  We arrived at the mall as the Disney Store was opening. I hadn't realized that they have an Opening Ceremony (every day!) and that the kids could use their Miska Mouska Mickey Mouse powers to open the store, get the lights on and everything.  Jacob got to be the special star of the day.  

With Jacob's help and some special words, the Disney Store got opened! 

And then his Godparents, and cousins in the bond all met us at the store and helped us do some shopping.  We really invaded that Disney store, and at that hour, early on a Saturday morning, there weren't many crowds, the kids milled about, shopping, getting ideas.  I came home and ordered Mickey Flag shirts for all of us.   It was fun to take over the store, and they made it worth the while.

Usually they have pins that say Happy Birthday.  But they had run out.  That was OK, they hooked him up with a paper crown and wrote Jacob on it.  It was rather adorable.   And Jacob picked out a giant R2D2 suitcase, and commenced dragging it all around the store.  We thought it would be useful on our Trip this summer.  So we let him get it.  I got an R2D2 mug for myself, figuring we won't be back next week, when it's my big day.

We took Jake down to the Lego store, where he got a special pack of Legos that create a birthday cake.  Amazingly, after we got home, we put the cake together, and he didn't eat it.  He didn't eat the little tiny legos either.  I feel comfortable with him being around the tiny Legos, but not comfy enough to bring them all upstairs.   But the Duplos can be upstairs in his presence.   Baby loves himself some Legos.  After that, everybody ran for the car, and I took Jake into Build a Bear.  I'd heard they had Batman bears, so Fast Like Bunny, we built a bear.  He didn't care too much for outfits or sounds, so we chose a mix saying thing, but his favorite part was watching them stuff it.  He was hypnotized by the fluff stuffer, and loved watching the fluff machine spin. 

From there, we went to The Journey, a chinese/japanese/american buffet on the northeast side, and met our family and friends for lunch.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids ate well, there was something for everyone.  And Eric and I really love their sushi.  Jake didn't care much.  But he liked it once it was time to open his presents.   

His favorite toys were the drumsticks from Grandma, and his hats.  He got some Mickey Ears from Mike and Kathleen and had to put them on right away!  Then he got a hat from Grandma and Grandpa from Guadalajara, from their cruise, and he needed to wear that too.  He would've worn all the hats if we'd let him.  

He had a great time, and it was really nice to be surrounded by our friends and family.  It was a good birthday celebration for both Jacob and I.  I think I'm really going to enjoy having my birthday so close to his.   After lunch, we went home and took naps.  When Jacob woke up from his nap, and went downstairs to drink his cocoa, he took a look at the table, and said, "Oh, itchu bootie!"  Yeah baby, it's Still your Birthday!  (He's even still been saying it!) I figure I'll just let him keep saying it until my birthday is over. 

Jacob has been practicing blowing out candles for this occasion!  Though his angle is a little off and it's more of a raspberry than a blowing, still it's a good try.   We had picked up a few chocolate cupcakes at the store, to put some candles in for him to blow out.  He had some brotherly assistance in getting the job done.  

My Big Birthday Boy! 
Yes, yes you are! 

And this was my favorite picture of the day. 
He thought someone might be going for his cupcake.  
And he was not about to share.  

Thanks to all those who helped make his day a Special one!