Monday, April 6, 2015

Back in the Groove

Ah, Spring Break is Over.  I'm so glad that after our trip, we were able to still have a week to recover!   We needed a vacation from our vacation.   It was good to take a couple days to just chill out.  
I did have lofty goals.  First we took Chris to Therapy and did lunch with fam, I got confused as to whether or not he had an appointment, turns out he did.    I had hoped to take them to the Art Museum before they started charging for admission, and to the Eiteljorg before our membership expired.

This was as far as we got into the Art Museum.  As we were posing for a picture out front, it started to rain.  So I thought, so much for exploring the grounds, let's go park and get in as it opens.  We parked in the garage, and the kids started griping, they were hungry, I had bars, I gave them, and they got wound up.  What they needed was free time, not be quiet and look at art.  I turned around and went home.   It got even uglier.  But it ended up being best.  Apparently, what they really needed was to do nothing for a few days.  

On Good Friday, I took them to the Library.  
First, I got Sam his own Library Card.  He's 6 now, he's old enough.  That made his day.  
PLUS it was a Lego Club day.   

The boys each made a Lego spaceship, and the library put them on display for the month. 
I didn't know they did this.  

After Lego Club, Sam was the only one interested in coming to church for Good Friday Service. He was kind, and quiet.  And we were bummed they didn't play more songs.  But afterwards, he and I had a special date.  To Orange Leaf.  

 Sam always asks to go to Orange Leaf. He and I are the only ones that really love it.  Jake would too, but he's such a maniac, he's not really at an age of picking his own, and not really with the sharing.  So he and I have found that making a special date is just right.   And we picked a good time to do it too.

This is Jake recovering from Easter Weekend himself.  He was watching Yo Gabba Gabba, and he just fell asleep, at noon.  Still in his pjs, after a snack.  He didn't even make it to lunch.  OK by me.  Naps are always good.