Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Flowers blooming in my yard.

A day off means more blogging to get caught up on!  Here are some of the Beauties that have been Blooming where they were Planted ;)  in our yard in the last couple weeks.   Spring is my favorite season.

First we got a few small daffodils blooming. 
At first, I thought we'd only have about 3 of them showing up total.  I thought that was all we were going to get for a couple days, when blammo, more popped up, bigger and better!  

After we had a few in the yard, even Jacob got interested.  He'd stop and say Oh Wow!

I love this pic of a daffodil in the backyard at sunrise.  
Eric thought  I was odd planting them random in the front and backyard, but it's photos like this that make it worth it to me.  
Some flowers are worth waiting for.  

Like tulips.  I love these creamy double tulips that we planted our first year.

They've got some backsplash from mud and rain, but they are still beautiful. 

Or these rockin' awesome tulips.
We planted these beautiful tulips from Costco last year.  I love them. 
My new favorites!   

And look at this row along our porch.  
They glow, and this pic is unedited!


Sigh.  My new favorite row.  

We need a little something in front of the tulips though.   I'm thinking grape hyacinth and white phlox.  We'll see how that pans out.  

Now these aren't flowers from my yard, but the wild violets across the street started blooming.  Last year, a friend of mine made violet jelly with this recipe.  

The boys picked violets, and put them in a jar for me.  
Beautiful purple goodness.  They smell like this violet candy I got once in Germany.  

My jam didn't turn out quite as well, it came out more like syrup, still I like sweet things in my tea, so there's still no doubt in my mind, I will still use it up just fine.  

I a couple pics of the processing on my computer, but it won't let me get them off without a fuss. 
Just suffice it say, they turned out pink and syrupy, and frankly the flowers look better.