Sunday, April 5, 2015

Danke Oester Keninchen

Wow are we Blessed!   Yes, people, Easter is more than the Bunny.  But I choose to celebrate Christ's Rising with my family and spoiling my kids, and we use the bunny to do it.  And it is all Good.  

This year the kids couldn't wait to get up and into their baskets.  There were Legos and Books as well as a bunch of candy with no Red 40 in it.  Thank you Trader Joe's for your all natural jelly beans! 

Even Jacob got into Egg Hunting this year.  There were a few eggs at his level, though we had to pull back some brothers to give him a chance.  

They couldn't wait to dig into their candy! 

We hung out at home, and then got dressed for church. 
The kids ended up with 2 outfits for Easter, Chris had picked these suits out while we were in TX.  And we weren't sure if it was going to be a hot day or a cold one.  It was a chilly morning, and they wanted to suit up, so they did! 

My three sweeties!

All of us.  
One of these (me) is definitely not like the others.  But I had picked my dress before they got their suits.  And Daddy's tie looks a little small, because he borrowed it from one of the boys.  The boy's suits came with bow ties and regular ties.  And the bow tie looked best on Daddy.  
But I think we all look pretty good together.  Happy Easter! 

Here I thought we'd missed the Church Egg Hunt being gone all last week, but we hadn't.  
What a Wonderful Surprise!  

Since Jake had an egg hunting warmup at home.  He had this down... except he only picked up one egg, and just carried it around.  He'd pick up another, and we'd try to get them out of his hand, but he always had to hold on to one.  

In addition to Easter, this was also an extra special day for Chris and Sam. 
While we were in Texas, their Communion Class had First Communion. 
Since we'd missed it, Easter was their First Communion.  

Welcome to the Community of Communing Christians! 
They didn't really like the wine though. ;)

After church, we went to Ryan and Amy's for a Willman Family Easter Luncheon.  
This was the First Time all the Cousins were all Dressed up in one place. 
Surprisingly, it wasn't MY suggestion to take this picture. 
But I love that we did it. 

Boys and their little Boys. 

We didn't nap, instead we went home and changed our clothes.  
It was warm enough now for the short sleeve shirts. ;)
Then we went down to my Dad's for Easter Celebration. 

The Bunny stopped there too! 

Now it's become a habit that we have to pose on the rock. 
Or jump off of it.  The kids love playing in this garden.  

Somehow...while we were eating dinner, the bunny popped by again and left a bunch of eggs in the yard for the kids to find.  It was a little odd and quieter to be at my Dad's for Easter without my sister.  

All three boys finding eggs all over the place. 

Sam was stoked to find some Rescue Bots! 

Jacob was so Proud of his bucket.   

Chris couldn't wait to open up that Rescue Bot and start playing immediately.

This last photo was about as still as we could get them to be, posing with their hauls.  Those buckets were so full of eggs, that the eggs were falling out, overflowing.  The boys got so spoiled.  They played hard, and it was a ton of fun, exhausting, for sure, but another Awesome Holiday.