Friday, April 24, 2015

Escaping to Fort Wayne

Last weekend, I got to go to Fort Wayne for some Girl Time.  

I spent the night with my friend Heidi, Piper's Mom.  And the next morning, I went to a Spring Event created by my Young Living 3 up leader Lauren in Fort Wayne.  This was our group, under Val, there were about 25 of us from her group present.  It was a day long event. I got to sit in on a bunch of different classes.  I chose to learn more about Skin Care, Oils of the Bible, a Business Builder Class, and a Women's Wellness seminar given by some really great leaders in our group.  It was Wonderful.  It was refreshing to just immerse myself in these amazing products.  They have been such a Blessing to my family and friends, I can't even say!  I learned so much, and I am so Pumped Up!   There was shopping, my favorite Diffuser Necklace gal was there, her name is Tanya from TJE Designs so I picked up some other goodies from her. I want to have classes for all the Oily products that I just learned about. I want to try and buy more.  It's a wicked problem.  And I want to have a Business Builder class for my team members who want to learn more and do more too.  
After our classes were done, there was a small Make and Take class.  Lauren set it up assembly line style, which worked ok, except for the huge long line while we waited.  We came home with 3 new products.  

Renewing Sugar Scrub - 1 1/4 cup sugar, 4 oz grapeseed oil, 8-12 drops YL Essential Oil.  I used 4 peppermint and 4 orange.   I came home and used it on my feet as well as my hands too!  It's very rejuvinating, really peps me up.  They also had other oils to try for it, like Thieves, and Lime.  
Refreshing Hand Cleanser - 1/3 cup Dr. Bronners castille soap (which I can find at Kroger) 5 drops YL Essential Oil (I used Thieves with an extra drop of Lemon) *Optional 2-3 drops of vitamin E if you are so inclined for more moisturizing effect. Fill the rest of the container with water.  I brought this home and set it right by the kitchen sink. We needed something serious there! 
Restoring Household Cleaner - 1 Tbsp Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate and fill spray container with 1 7/8 cup water.  

Now I had purchased some Thieves Cleaner back at the Young Living Oola Event early in April, but hadn't used it at all.  So I came home immediately after this Event in Fort Wayne and wanted to use it.  So I went to the Toaster Oven, which was in a disgusting state.  

A spritz and a wipe and it improved immensely!  

It did take a couple tries to get the grime off. I tell you, nearly 17 years of grime probably was living in this toaster oven.  Well, maybe not that much dirt, but a lot.  It was a gift from Eric's Grandma Willman when we got married.  I remember thinking, WHY would she give us a toaster oven?  Who uses that?!  I had never had one.  Well, I tell you what, we use that thing Every Day now!  It makes breakfast bagel sandwiches, really makes great toasted sandwiches, and heats up leftover fried things.  I like to put small things in there, like egg rolls or a small roll of bread, because it heats up so much faster than the stove.  Anyway, the Thieves Spray worked really well on most of the dirt, worked really great on the counters.  But this spot, the dirtiest in the house, which I knew was going to be a challenge, it did quite well!  I can see in there so much better now.