Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So a friend of mine had this crazy awesome idea.  A lot of our Butler band friends have had babies in the last year, and she thought it might be nice to get together, kind of like a MOPS group of sorts.  Of course, it's just 4 of us Butler band alumni from the northwest side of town.  We were joking what we should call ourselves.  So I suggested, BAMops - Butler Alumni Mothers of Preschoolers, kind of elaborating on the Mops name.  My friend suggested abbreviating it to just BAM.  That stuck!  So when I went to put our first meeting on the calendar, Eric asked me if it meant Bad Ass Mothers?  Yes, yes it does. :) 

Anyway, our first meeting was yesterday.  

We met while Chris and Sam were in school.  It was a little different.  I'm not used to traveling somewhere with only one little baby.  But Jacob had a great time trying out new toys that are different from stuff we've got at home.  I had one of these things that babies lie down on, for Chris and Sam but they didn't get into it much, so I gave it away.  Boy Howdy did Jacob love this one! I don't have the fundage to pick up something like this for Jake now, but he really got a 'kick' out of it.  He played there happily for Quite a while! 

He played there while his friend Meghan took a nap during her Tummy Time.  It had been suggested that M might do better with her Tummy Time with a roll under her arms and chest.  She just falls asleep on it.  I tried it with Jacob.  It didn't work.  

But we had a great time sitting around yucking it, oogling over everybody's cute babies.  

This is Baby John.  He's destined to become Jacob's new best friend.  
He's so tiny.  John is only two weeks old, and Jake is like...17.  
I know in my head Jacob was once this little, but I don't remember it. 

Jacob is twice as big as he is.  
It was funny, the twins were already getting their names confused, calling Jake John and John Jake.  
It was the first time, I don't think it will be the last. 
As soon as I put them side by side Jacob reached over to give his friend a 'hug' or a 'tickle', not sure what it was.  But as soon as he reached out John rolled toward him.  It's going to be Awesome that they are going to be such good buddies.  

Just reinforces how much of a hoss Jacob is.  
It's wild for me to actually have the Big Baby, the Butterball.  So unusual.  
I kind of love having the healthy fat boy.  I hope he stays that way.  

And I love our new group.   
I feel so good having a network in place, it makes motherhood easier to have folks with kids of a similar age to bounce things off of.  It's weird being an "experienced" Mom, and having some useful advice to share, instead of constantly needing help.  This time around is so much different than it was in the past.  I kind of know what I'm doing...sort of.  Getting there anyway.  I still need help.  So it's good that there's lots around for me.  I still need and want to learn new things.  One unusual thing I learned, was that Towhead is a derivative from the German word for flax, tow, to mean light blonde, thus used to describe light light blond haired children.  I never knew.  Then again, none of my children were blondies.