Monday, January 6, 2020

Booking It


Boys with Books

The theme for Friday was "This Year I'll..." 
After spending the better part of winter break doing what they wanted, play video games. I'm kind of over it.  I want to get out, I want to do things. I regret not doing more Christmas Festive things.  I sat in a quiet house, read 3 books, and didn't get much fresh air.  On one hand, we didn't get sick, like so many people we know.  On the other hand, I didn't spend as much time with family and friends like we like to.  I also enjoy seeing lots of Christmas lights, and visiting the museums all decked out for Festivity.   My kids don't care about that.  I'm sad about that.  

So this year, I'll...  Do what I want to do, by myself if I have to.  
Because they don't want to, if I ask.  But when I say I'm going to do this... then they want to.  It boggles my mind, and makes me Nutsy! 
Friday we met my Dad for lunch.  I wanted wings with my Dad.  I wanted to leave the house.  The kids didn't want to go initially, and were pretty rude about it.  But then when we got to Brozzini's, they were happy.  We were running late, because I couldn't find the pencils for my Stepmom, or the Barnes and Noble gift cards that we had received.  Because I was thinking after we headed to lunch, I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble.  We don't have near enough opportunity to head down to the Barnes and Noble. It isn't close, but now that I have three children who read; the library and bookstore are always big hits of places to visit.  They'd received Gift Cards for Christmas. 
After lunch, we had the opportunity to spend them. Jacob didn't have one, and he didn't have money, but I let him pick a book anyway.  Each one of us got to pick one thing.   We also picked up some nifty goodies for Cole, our nephew whose birthday was earlier this week, but his party was this weekend. Perhaps I went a little bonkers at the Book Store, but they always have a good time. 
Funny, how me requesting to do my favorite things, eventually results in smiles from them. 
I want wings and books, and even though they initially said no, they love it.  
And we stocked up on books!  They had fun after all, even though they got a little wild there at the end.  I shouldn't have taken them for cookies at Starbucks for good behavior.  Sugar and video games shouldn't be the right rewards for them.  Books are though, I didn't see them for the rest of the day because they were curled up reading their books, or using their Minecraft books to prepare for epic Minecraft battles. At least they are reading... even if it is to prepare them to be better gamers.