Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I enjoy... pretty things.

The kids went back to School.  
It's weirdly quiet around here. But I had quite an extensive To-Do List to work on. 
The first thing I did was get the mail, apparently it had been a while. 

This year for Christmas, I cashed in some of my Essential Rewards points for Free Goodies for me. 
First Thieves Cough Drops, which couldn't come at a better time, and also true for the Thieves spray. 
But the real treat, the expensive goodie was Jasmine oil. 
I didn't have that one, but I had saved up enough points to spoil myself. 
One drop of this is pure luxury. It reminds me of the beach in Maui when we passed by the flowers growing there, known as Pikake.  I'm guessing they were a Jasmine cousin, because they smell just as sweet and flowery.  I'm looking forward to making some perfumes! 
I get so surrounded by the boys that I enjoy taking some time for girly things. 
I took a soaky bath, and did some coloring. 
The theme for the day is "I enjoy..."  And I enjoy art projects; pretty things, like perfume in pretty bottles and a fresh box of colored pencils. 

Another treat just for me, a box of colored pencils.  I received this colored pencil box for Christmas. 
I don't have to share them either.  
All for me.  I've enjoyed coloring after the kids go to bed, in my Psalms book. We're doing a Bible Study of Psalms and Proverbs in my Christcare group.  I enjoy doing some coloring with the same passages that we're reading.  I haven't had enough time to make art. 

This is my newest favorite pretty art project. 
Starry Night. 
I got into Diamond Dotz as a gift for my friend Kathy, and then I got one for my niece for Christmas. I must've wished outloud just one too many times because Eric got me this one, and I Love it! 
I can't wait to see the finished project.