Monday, January 6, 2020

Get Moving


It was time to put up the trains.  I don't mind leaving the trees up until Epiphany, but the trains have a lot of clutter.  And this weekend was time. 
But before we pack it all up, the boys wanted to watch their trains just "1 More Time!"

Jacob watches his train. 

Jacob's train looks good. 

We put them up before Christmas, on Christmas Eve, and they run them on Christmas morning, but they don't spend a lot of time wanting to watch them, until it's time to put them away. 

Sam wants to count his cars one last time. 

Sam's train is getting pretty long!  

Sam's favorite cars. 

This aquarium car doesn't get lit up very often, because it's noisy and bright, but it's very cool being Green and having fish swim.  These are a couple of my favorites. 

Christopher's car is so long, that this year he received extra stuff, he got a lamp and a tower. 
There's no more strength for his train engine to pull any more cars. 

As a Bonus for today, we got to Celebrate our nephew Cole's 6th Birthday. 
We went up to Fishers to a place called Bounce U.  It was actually really awesome.  
It's a chain of reasonably size rooms.  It doesn't get as noisy as a place like Jump and Play. 
The kids didn't have any chance to get bored. It was really fun. 

 All of our family is going up that ladder.  
Can I call it a ladder?  It's made of a jumpy steps. 
Anyway, Uncle Ryan brought up the rear as all the boys ran up. 

 All of them Kids at Heart. 

From that first room, we went into a dark room. 
Chris and I loved the black light. My shirt was doing very cool things. 
Unfortunately, the fans keeping the inflatables pumped up are very noisy.  
Chris needed to step out of there a couple times. 
Frankly, I was super proud of him for realizing he needed to Step Away. 

Black Light Basketball!

I love this flooring. 
It looked so cool in the black light, that I just captured a snap of it. 
I may have to use it for a scrapbook page at some point. 

The Birthday Boy gets a throne !

All the kids got a kid table. 

They brought out glow stick necklaces for everyone, doused the lights and we all got to sing to Cole. 
This looked really cool, and Cole was so happy. 

Cole opened up all his presents after the kids had cake. 
It got a little crazy with a gaggle of kindergartners crawling all over him, but I must say, my kids were all in the back row, and didn't go too crazy. 
I was pretty impressed with how well the boys did. Sam couldn't eat the cake, so we went for a walk, I had some junk in the car, but one of the employees pulled us aside, and dug in their stash of candy to find Sam something to eat that didn't have Red 40.  It was very classy of them. 
Sam appreciated the sour green candy very much! 

And for a last hurrah, the kids were in such a good mood, we decided to go test drive a Honda Civic, to see if 3 kids could fit across the back.  They could!  Then we popped next door and tried a Nissan Leaf.  Eric needs a new car, and it's time.  
They fit across the back of the Civic, and the Leaf is an electric car of roughly the same size, so we didn't put the kids in the back of that one.  

It looks like there may be a new car in our future!