Wednesday, January 8, 2020



Sushi Date with my Honey! 

Now that the boys have been back in school after just over two weeks, it was time for Eric and I to get away on our own.  We have found the best time is to go out for a Nice Lunch. 
One of our favorite places to go on a date lunch is Sushi Club.  We did it for our 20 Dates for 20 years, and we decided to keep it on the list for last year and this year. We just decided to simply keep Sushi Club and all our other favorite date spots on the list. 
Sushi club is one of our favorites!  All we can eat for $20 a person, and it's worth it.  
I shouldn't post it here, because word will get out, and it won't be the quiet place anymore. 
Oh well too bad. 
Anyway, we ate well on a lunch date, and got to talk like grownups.  

It's hard to keep this time in our schedule, to purposefully get out once a month and have a nice meal and talk, but it's so easy to get stuck in the quagmire that is a houseful of young boys. 
Dating my Spouse helps keep me on the same page of parenthood, and he makes me laugh everyday.

We didn't feel like eating much for dinner when the time came. 
So I had fresh raspberries and yogurt for dinner, and Eric had a hunk of Cheese.