Friday, January 10, 2020

A Pretty Present


My friend Mary is retiring this weekend, and there is a Surprise party planned.. .Shhh!  
I picked up the pretty present for her, she collects Crosses.  She was in my very first Reunion Group years ago. She was in the choir and she was Pastor Bill's wife, so we connected well.  But life and kids have pulled me away from that crew.  Still I'm excited about getting to see her tomorrow. 
I'm also working on this Scarf that I started on my VDC weekend this past fall. 
It's taking me forever. 

I started attending a BSF Bible Study today, and though it's tricky to keep up with this level of Bible Study, I'm excited about where BSF is going to lead. 
I enjoy getting together with like minded women.  Sam and I also got to meet with his Reading Group tonight. We started a Book Club for parents and kids of the 4/5 High Ability kids class.  
We read Mockingbird, the story of a girl with Special Needs.  I don't like reading about Special Needs Parent and Kids.  That's our life.  I don't need to read about it for leisure. 
I finished it up at the last minute, since Sam and I are sharing.  At least it was a quick read. 
I do enjoy getting to know Sam's classmates better.  5th grade girls are different than 5th grade boys. 
I also enjoy getting to have this one special thing to do with Sam. 
It was a busy day, and it doesn't allow for a ton of photographic opportunities.  That's ok.