Thursday, March 12, 2020

Eagle Creek and Rick's

I'd been sick.  And I wanted to go on a date with Eric. 
But my cold was so annoying I couldn't taste much. 
I didn't want to be that person coughing in public, the Covid 19 novel coronavirus is going around, and while I don't think I have it.  I don't want to be stared at because I was coughing on people.  I started coughing on Feb 29, and I really haven't stopped.  .  The coronavirus has a fever, and shortness of breath, which I don't have either of those. I have had to cough so hard I had to pee.  I do think I got some viral crud, but I'm doing the good things, drinking my Ningxia and taking my Catalyn, so I am not succumbing. This week was the first week I actually felt like doing things

Eagle Creek Park on a sunny day.

I saw the signs. 
Monday, Avon closed the schools.  Tuesday, I went to Costco. Wednesday, I went to visit Aunt Jan, pick up some stuff from her, and today, Thursday, Eric and I finally got our date lunch. 

He had been reading that along with the price of gas dropping, the price of lobster was going down. 
So I suggested we go somewhere where we could get lobster for cheaps.  
According to the interwebs, Rick's Cafe Boatyard had lobster for 'market price'. 
So off we went. 
It was a Beautiful Day. 

Filet mignon topped with crabcake and shrimp etoufee. 
After much debate about lobster, which wasn't on sale actually, I got beef. 
I love this dish. I get it every time I come here.  
So, since the lobster wasn't on sale after all. I got the old reliable, amazing filet and etoufee. 

My handsome date.  Me and my etoufee, and he got scallops and asparagus.  We started with salmon nachos, which were so weird, they were awesomely delicious. 
All good choices. Really

Don't forget to sometimes Date Your Spouse. 
It's nice to sit down and just talk to each other. 
We discussed the virus, what was happening, we could feel things were about to change. 
I'm glad we got to talk about it today, before we got the news. 

My honey and me! 

OK, so it's a lot of silhouette, and not the best shot. 
However, we look happy. 
We'd seen a blip of a basketball game while we were there. They cancelled it at half time. 
The cancelled the Basketball tournments. Things are changing.
Our lunch was Excellent.  And we had quiet adult conversation. 
I think this will be vitally important in the coming days. 
When the kids were at Kumon, we got a call from the School. 
Our schools are now closed too, we're closed for the next week, and through Spring Break.  
School's out until April 5.  At least.  
I'm glad I got a date with my husband.