Monday, December 5, 2016

Stupid Cute Shoes

Don't you hate, when you want to get dolled up for a special occasion, and you end up missing the thing in favor of going to the hospital?!   Yup, that was me yesterday.   On Sunday, I had volunteered with my Christ Care Bible Study Group to host an Advent Tea at Messiah, the same church that Jacob goes to Preschool.   We were hosting 40 something women to come have tea, including the church members as well as visitors from Wheeler Mission.  This was a great opportunity to Serve.  I knew I'd be on my feet all afternoon, when we did this last year, I was toast by evening.   Still, I couldn't wait.  We'd spent our Bible Study time Thursday doing Food Prep.  We were making cookies, quiches, and tea sandwiches.  It was gonna be so nice.  
I skipped church to bathe, and Eric took the boys to Sunday School.  Afterwards, he wanted to go to Scotty's for lunch (Kids eat free, yo!) to celebrate his birthday.  I was dressed cute in a new pair of brown cords, and my cute brown Dansko shoes (from my working days).  We were walking across the parking lot to the restaurant, and I looked up, and rolled my ankle. I almost fell into Christopher, whose hand I was holding.  But I recovered, limped a little, and thought, oh that's gonna hurt tomorrow.  And on we went for lunch.  
As we stood though, waiting to be seated, I felt more pain, so I sat down and put the ankle up on a bench. That wasn't so bad.  We got seated in a big booth, so I put my foot up between Sam and Daddy on their bench while we ate.  I seemed ok, as we left the restaurant, I could feel my foot getting a little swollen, which was uncomfortable in these pre-children shoes.   So we swung by home to change, slather up in Panaway, and Go. It was slow going.
I got to the Church, I had texted in advance how I'd rolled my ankle and was swelling.  My bible study crew is full of health care professionals, 2 nurses and a PA, and therapist.   They didn't want me moving much, but it was so crazy, I still had to hobble around for things like knives, wash this real quick between uses.   By 2:30 I couldn't get comfortable on my chair anymore.  The Tea started at 3.  I couldn't even put my foot out of my shoe in the air without pain.  I hopped away for a moment to reapply my Oils (panaway and deep relief) and when I took off my sock, I couldn't see my anklebones anymore. :(
I had such trouble getting up that I started to cry.  I couldn't stop.  I realized I needed to go home, ice this badboy down, and put it Up!  
My gals were Too Nice to me, as I said Goodbye, and I was sobbing before I was out the door.  One friend offered to wheel me to the car.  I appreciated that so much, because out of kindness for the guests, I parked at the far side of the lot.  There would've been No Way.  I assured them I'd be fine driving.   I really wasn't.  I was trying to drive left footed.  But that's really jerky.  So I'd use the right, to break, in and out of turns.  Coming into my neighborhood was especially painful, so that by the time I pulled into the garage, I was a hot sobby mess.
And then, oh yes, I had to get into the house.  I should've let someone take me home, or let E come for me, but I thought I'd made it this far alone, I could do it.   Dumb.   I hobbled my way into the house, literally crawled up the back stairs, and by the time I hit the couch, I couldn't breath I hurt so bad.
Eric came running.   He brought me ibuprofen, ice, and tried to get me situated.  But I couldn't handle the ice.  It was too painful to put even the weight of the ice pack on my foot.  I was so swollen and lumpy, even the air hurt my foot.   Eric overruled me, and told me as soon as Jake woke up, we were ER bound. The man had to heave me up off the toilet.  I couldn't argue.  He let me change into comfy clothes, which was another whole ordeal.  It's so hard to put pants on two legs when you can only stand on one!  So we hobbled all into the car.  Mom W. was watching my niece and nephew, but I couldn't take anymore.  I needed painkillers!  The boys were much more understanding in this instance, I told them how icky it was to have hospital visits that are not on the schedule.  They agreed, it sucks.  It was kind of funny hearing them agree with me, all of us saying 'it sucks'.  As we were driving to the hospital around the corner from my inlaws, they called to see what was up, and offer to take the boys off our hands.  We dropped them off, and continued on to the ER at IU West.  Glad we did too, because that ER was crowded.  I guess when it's the Only Place Open, it fills up.   Eric's theory was we had nothing to lose, we had maxed out our insurance, so in theory it was all going to be Free.  As we often joke, MRIs around!  Only, I think I'd rather not be in so much pain as to need the work.  I think by the time we got into the hospital my ibuprofen was kicking in, because the pain wasn't so bad as long as I was seated in the wheelchair.  I just couldn't bear any weight on it.  

My foot looked pretty nasty in the car on the way to the hospital.  It had swelled through my sock.  I brought my Boston Birkies, but I didn't want to wear it, it felt better to be barefoot. 

We sat there so long though, the pain started to dissipate.  I'm not sure if it was just Not Walking on it, or if the Ibuprofen finally kicked in.   It was so much better.  And the ER folks didn't make me walk on it to prove it hurt.   It was obviously swollen, but not too discolored.  We rolled down for an X-ray.  Sitting in the wheelchair was just like old time, just like being on bedrest.  Ugh.  

When they came back an hour late, and announced it was a sprain, they giftwrapped my foot in an ace bandage.   It actually felt better bound.  Not sure why that is, but supported was good.  
Then they told me I'd be getting crutches.  

When I was little, I always thought crutches were cool.  I'd heard they hurt your armpits, and were hard to use, but I just thought they were so cool.  The little kids got to leave early to go to the bathroom, or to lunch, missed gym class, and all kinds of 'perks'.   I was so jealous, little did I know. 

My girlfriend sent me this Meme while I was in the hospital, and it was my first genuine laugh in hours. She really caught me.  

Then it was time to go.  3 1/2 hours later.    
Here I am with my extra cool crutches.  
I didn't get the cool boot though. 
My sock wouldn't go over the swollen wrapped foot, so I put what bit of sock I could over my toes, which were finally beginning to feel cold.  Oh, and they gave me a Pain Pill.  That helped immensely too.  I felt like I could plowed right out of there.   But after about a half dozen crutched steps, I realized how weak my core is, it's Hard Work.  Using crutches is rather a workout.  

I had to pause and rest by the exit, we'll say it was so Eric could get the car.  I don't think I could've gone any further at that moment if the car had been there.  My first thought was there is No Way I'm gonna make to Sam's school concert this week, I can't even make it out the ER. But I sat down by this pretty tree.  The waiting room was overflowing into the entrance, more people than when we arrived.  There was this nosy L.O.L. who thought she needed to give me pointers on how to sit down, and had to gripe about how she'd been there for 3 1/2 hours already, and there were all kinds of sick people there.  I could hear them hacking.   It was so gross in there.  I thank goodness I had my Thieves Spray, I slathered up while in my little room, and the minute we got to the car.  Hopefully that will be the Only hospital adventure we have for the rest of the year.