Friday, December 23, 2016

A Trip to the State Museum

I had asked a few times, if anyone wanted to go to the State Museum.  I had decided I didn't want to try the Children's Museum over Winter Break.  Too much crazy.  But I love the Indiana State Museum.  After the insanity of Christopher's birthday on Wednesday, and the weekend, I decided, we're going.  I didn't give anyone a choice.  We just packed up and went.

We got there pretty early, just after Santa had opened his door.  
There was no line. Mrs. Claus was greeting at the doorway, and kids just waltzed right on in.  
Actually, I'm happy to say they pretty much ran.  They still found joy even though they were denying it for a while.  

That's the money shot!  

I went ahead and asked the Mrs. to come in the picture, but by then Santa was talking to the boys. 
He asked Christopher what he wanted, and Chris said Jeans and a chair for his desk.  We found a desk last month and put it in his room, but it did not come with a chair.  I was very proud of him for not asking for toys.   The lost the privilege of toys.  Sam didn't tell me what he asked for, I wonder if it was Legos or toys or something.   

As we were standing by this bison (who I thought was hysterical, because his hat looked like mine) a stranger passes by while Eric was taking our picture and says, "Oh look, a bison.  It must be for the bison-tennial!"   Indiana is 200 years old this month.  And no, bicentennial is not the same as bison-tennial.  But it's still kind of funny. 

All three sweetboys fight over which planet they want to play on.   

From mastodon to moose, all my sweetboys. 

We can't go to the State Museum in December and not hit the Ayres train.  
It was so quiet, the boys rode the train a few times.  

This was my favorite train picture.  Taken with Eric's phone, because he was having trouble with action shots being blurry.  I pointed and shot before they even got moving.   And they all actually looked at the camera at the same time, which also wasn't happening either.  They look so handsome in red. 

We visited the 200 objects for 200 years exhibit one last time.  The kids got a kick out of Chuck Taylor's Chuck Taylors.  The big boys now have their own pair of Chucks in their favorite colors.  

Just outside the 200 exhibit was this cute little sled.  
They look so festive.  

We opted to go to the Ayres Tea Room for lunch and tea.  
"Say Tea!" 

This boy got himself a special birthday cone.  
They asked what we were celebrating, and it was his birthday the day before.  
He rarely requests to come to the museum, but every time we're here, he wants to go to the tea room!

Whip cream nose.  
This kid cracks me up. 

And check out who stole my spoon and commenced to steal half my bowl of Chicken Velvet Soup!

It was a wonderful visit.  The State Museum is one of my favorite places downtown to hit during the holidays.  Shhh.  Don't let the word get out, it's not as often crowded as The Children's Museum, and I hope to keep it that way.  But I love it just as much.