Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Eric!🎂

Poor Eric. 
He really got the fuzzy end of the lollipop for his birthday. 

For his 42nd Birthday, he got to take care of me all day, and do things I should be able to do. 
He took Jacob to Kindermusik class.  He made lunch for us out of leftovers.  He worked from home. He took care of me because my ankle is still quite sore and swollen. And the one thing I had hoped I could do right was give him a stellar present.  But his present was late.  Shh... it was a grill, a really nice grill from Amazon Prime, who was late with the delivery.  It said it would arrive on the 5th when I ordered it at the end of November.  A week is plenty of time.  Apparently not for Amazon Prime.  Something is going on, their shipping is going down the pooper.  They are gonna hear from me!

Meanwhile, he received coffee and cookies also from the kids and I .  The Birthday Pig brought him the Hamilton Soundtrack, which thrilled Chris and Sam to no end.  Poor Eric even had to make his own breakfast of honey flakey biscuits with sausage and cheese, because I can't cook.  I can barely stand.  Maneuvering around the house with crutches is terrible!  My armpits and hands are already getting sore.  And going to the bathroom while on crutches, in public, is quite possibly the most disgusting thing Ever.   At least today Eric didn't have to pull me off the potty like he did Sunday afternoon.   We're having small improvements.   I used to think it was so cool to have crutches.  Turns out, it's really not that exciting, it kind of sucks. 

It sucked for Eric to have to be my Honey Do all day.  
I was grateful to have home though.  It was somewhat more of a treat for me than for him.
At least I got a good nap out of the deal.
Meanwhile, the Fam took care of him, taking him out to a Birthday Dinner of his choice. 

They took us out to dinner at Hirosaki.  
Hirosaki was our favorite sushi restaurant in town.  He prefers that to any birthday cake.   But as soon as we walked in, we could tell things had changed.  There's a new owner.  They don't make the Ginza roll anymore.  The Ginza Roll was because the people that owned Ginza in Indy made this special roll at Ginza, and we loved it from back in the day when we used to go there a lot.  Then they moved to Avon, and bought Hirosaki, and we loved that too.  I'm not sure if I love the service at this new place.  My father in law had to ask for ginger sauce three times, and they had trouble keeping me in water.  Maybe my opinion is skewed because I was hobbling around on crutches, exhausted, and thirsty. The kids order of chicken tempura had only three strips, and they left hungry and demanding dessert.  We weren't sugaring them up on a school night.  No one should go out for sushi and leave hungry.  

Seriously?! Eric and I didn't leave hungry.  Eric and I split a lot of good stuff.  The quality is still good.  We'll have to give them one more try, maybe when I'm less a hot mess.  At least Eric was happy to get stuffed silly with sushi.  I'd guess the root of it was I don't do well with change.  And poor Eric was exhausted from work drama and me drama.   The up side was that it was good to spend some time with his parents.  They've been traveling a lot lately, and we just don't get much time to talk with them.  Most of the time the boys interrupt.  That happens a lot.  Happened here too, but at least, when they were eating, we got to talk some.   I dig that about this time of year, that we get to spend more time with our loved ones.  I guess we can't go wrong with Birthday Sushi.