Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pryzma Family Christmas

Yesterday, for the first time in some years, we hosted my Mom and Sister and her girls for Christmas.  I've been trying to get together with them but they say they have been sick, so we did Christmas at our house.  We were just going to do appetizers, but then it turned out they didn't arrive until 6 pm.  Lisa informed me at 10 pm the night before that it would be 5 at the earliest, so we made it dinner by throwing some Ham and Bean Soup on the stove with some cornbread.  We have my Dad's Recipe which makes a great Ham and Bean  with a leftover Hambone from Honey Baked Ham.  It's always a big hit, and with the appetizers were already had, it would save the day.  But they arrived late.  And the sun had gone down.  And the kids were just getting crazy by the time the festivities began.

First we did belated Birthdays.  My sis and Mom couldn't make it to Christopher's Birthday Party last weekend.  So we did a Birthday Gift exchange first.  We got my Mom a couple goodies.  And they gave their Goodies to Christopher before dinner.  Chris was a big fan of the wind up toys that his cousins had picked out especially for him.  

My sister found a great present for my Mom.  She used to have this tiny clock from Brookstone. It was the Perfect Alarm Clock.   We used to call it Ticky.  (Yes, we named the alarm clock. We name everything.) But Ticky had long ago been lost or died, like 20 years ago.  

We got Lisa and Insta-Pot.  Lisa's theory has long been, "Housewares means Love."  If you really love someone you try to make their day to day life easier too.   So we got her this cool pot.  I've had some friends that make their breakfast eggs in it every morning in like two minute.  And you can crock pot meat in it from like frozen to tender in like an hour.  I actually kind of wish I'd gotten one for us.  

Aunt Lisa went with a whole theme for Christmas.  Since he's moving up in Scouts this year, and we had said No Toys, she got him Camping Goodies.  A special Army Backpack is on its way from Uncle James in TX.  And he got some great Campfire Roasting Sticks.  

Sam was thrilled with his new Pokeman Pikachu jacket. 
He loves Pokeman. 

Charlie was thrilled with the Strawberry Shortcake toys that I picked out.  
They smell like the originals that Lisa and I had way back in the day.  

Annie was also a huge fan. 
We couldn't decide who smelled yummier, Blueberry Muffin or Lemon Meringue.  So Yummy!

Lisa told me that the girls both slept with their dolls in bed last night. <3

One picture of all 5 yahoos together. 
This was as close as we could get. 
Special thanks to Aunt Lisa for getting all the goofi to smile.  

I wanted one picture of just the girls to send to James. 
I took them outside.  They looked beautiful in the green Christmas tree light.  
Sure, it's a little blurry, but it was a Beautiful Night.  
Merry Christmas Eve Eve.