Friday, December 16, 2016

Lexi's Concert

Time to get caught up on blogging again.  I have just not been doing as much as I want to with regard to blogging.  Tonight is a good one though.  On Monday night, I was honored to attend my niece Alexis' Orchestra Concert in Avon.

Over Thanksgiving, she Personally asked if I would come.  Um Yeah!   She never asks me to do anythin, she'd often rather chat on her phone to her friends when we get together, and that's ok.  I was a teen once too.  I didn't get to see my extended family as often as she sees hers, but I remember being annoying and bored by having to go to my Dad's all the time.  I figure she'll want to be near us just in time for her to go off to college.... which as it turns out isn't that far away either. Yipes.

Thanksgiving was the first time in what felt like a year that we actually got to spend some quality time together.  And it was Good.  And she personally asked me if I'd come to her Concert.  I'd never successfully been to one, except when she played O Holy Night at the Fam's church a couple Christmases ago.  And I cried.   So I wanted to go. We'd tried a couple years ago, and ended up at the wrong school.  What are the odds that two Avon schools would be having Orchestra concerts at the exact same time on the exact same day?! This time though,since I'd sprained my ankle, I carpooled with Mom and Dad.  We opted not to bring the yahoos to an evening (school night) concert.  Though I think Chris would've loved it.  I sure did.

That's My Girl!  
What a Beautiful Young Lady she has become. 

I know she was just getting ready, but our seats were not good for watching cellos.  We were lucky to see her at all. We were frankly lucky to get three seats remotely close together, as it was, I was down one and over from Mom and Dad.  That concert was Crazy Crowded!  
Although I can see why.  There were some amazingly talented kids playing.   

Alexis was Co-Principal on Cello.  Yes, that's our girl, a sophomore as First Chair!

Alexis had a Solo for Stille Nacht.  She opened up the whole piece, and it was Beautiful.

She has a beautiful Gift for playing cello.  I enjoyed watching her move back and forth, feeling the music, becoming one with it, the vibrato starting in her fingers but incorporating her whole person. It's an amazing thing to watch. 

She looks so tiny with those other big cellists.  
As much as I didn't like our seats because I couldn't see Lexi's face while she played, I kind of enjoyed being slammed by a wall of strong bass.  

About halfway through their performance, Lexi and her other co-chair switched so they could switch soloists.  The wall of cello sound still sounded great!

It was harder to see Alexis play.  But we did get a peek when she stood up.  

What a Beautiful way to start off the holidays.  
These kids are amazingly talented.  
I should've taken Chris.  He's picking an instrument this coming spring, and as much as I'd love it to be a cello, I suspect he's more a brass or percussion sort of kid.  Alexis is an amazing cellist.  She has more talent in one hand than I ever did.  It's an honor to watch her play.