Monday, December 19, 2016

Ice Ice Baby

We were really worried on Saturday when we woke up hearing we'd gotten an eighth to quarter of an inch of ice come down in the night.   Friends commented on early morning fb posts that they were stuck on the highway.  I-74 was shut down.  It was time to worry about our Loved Ones traveling, and wonder how we were going to pull off all we had cooking.  

Meanwhile, my backyard looked Beautiful. 

We decided to skip out on the Boys Gymnastics Class, and just take them to church.  We figured if it took twice as long to travel across Brownsburg as usual, that's like 10-20 minutes, as opposed to Zionsville which goes from 40-hour and a half.   Don't think so.  
Little did we know, the Gym agreed, and 8 hours after we'd made the decision not to go, we found out they'd cancelled the kids end of semester party for the weather.   Good thing, I hadn't wanted to drive that.   Our driveway was a sheet of ice.  Good thing that we could go slow, and that since our street had never gotten plowed last week, there were enough bumps still in it to provide some traction.  

Meanwhile, we turned the Christmas lights on, so the fam would see the trees. 
It made it extra sparkly.  And I love the bitty blue bokeh in the background.  

Check out that ice!  
We're gonna drive on that?!

Beautiful needles before they drop.
The Dawn Redwood is a tree whose needles change in the fall/winter, and drop, only to grow back in the spring.  It's one thing I love about this tree.  That and they grow Big! 

I love how the ice floats on the needles and sits on the branch. So cool. 
But not for long. 
Luckily, it got up to 35 pretty quickly, so by the time we got home from taking the boys to church, at 10, the ice was turning to slush.  Still, I'm glad I got these beautiful pictures of our Dawn Redwood.