Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cookie Fest

My Dad and Stepmom have started a new tradition since we've had kids. 
We call it Cookie Fest. 
Every year, they invite us over, for an early Saturday morning party for decorating sugar cookies. 

Oma and Opa hooked the boys up with Groovy Aprons!  

Our crew takes the required family photo (I love that we do this tradition every year too) before the kids get so sugared up they can't hold still for a photo.  

We had explained to Christopher on the way down, that because Oma had made 22 dozen cutout cookies for them to decorate, there would not be Black Cake.  Oma's Black Cake (aka chocolate) is Christopher's favorite.  And my stepmom is such a sweetheart, she makes him a cake every time he comes, because she knows it's his favorite.  He doesn't like it with a ton of icing, just plain.  And even though, she made a zillion cookies, and there was a table spread covered in all sorts of sugary decoration confections for the cookies, she still made him a cake.   And he loves him so Oma Black Cake.  He was so surprised that she made him a cake anyway.  Surprised me too. 

Jacob has got this down!  
He was seriously ready to dig in and decorate. 

Oma always makes sure there are plenty of non Red 40 options for Sam to decorate. Lots of Green and Blue things.  This year, she even made Black icing.   She didn't think we'd use it much, but everyone really loved putting black wheels, belts, penguin bodies. Everything.   
Sam is my color consultant, he has such a great eye for color and art.  He is quite serious about it.

Christopher likes to stick his tongue out ever so slightly while he works. Just like me. Just like his Opa.  Though this time, when I went for the picture, the tongue tip disappeared.  Well, I know he does it.   And I love it.  He was getting in touch with his artistic side today too! 

Sam insisted I take pictures of his favorite cookies.  This wreath, he was already to start eating.  He took a nibble off before insisting that I take the cookies' picture.   

Jacob didn't even put this one away before digging in.  
There were a couple of Jacob's cookies that look like he licked a bit before packing them up to take home.   I think he's going to be the only one eating them. 

My lovely nieces got to come down, even though their Mama was not up for driving. Opa drove up and back to Carmel to grab them so they could participate. They had a great time, and looked so adorable in their matching green sweatshirts.  

Turns out that this fella not only can build a house, he is pretty good at decorating a house shaped cookie too!  This was the first year Eric and I could decorate some too, since the boys were finally old enough to decorate on their own.  

My Stepmom received some excellent new ornaments for a gift. 
Buffalo Wing Ornaments!  
Of course, to true Buffalonians, they are just Wings.  
Still, what a great idea for an ornament.  Even better as a gift for my Stepmom. 
The kids thought they were so cool. 

Mmm.... Loganberry

MB gave us our first new ornament of the season, this excellent Loganberry ornament.   In Buffalo, they have this great soda flavor, Loganberry, it's a combo of blackberry and raspberry.  It's not grown there, but in California.  But this resort, Crystal Beach used to serve the soda.  Then restaurants made stuff like Loganberry ice cream, milkshakes, soda, syrup.  Everything.  So I'm a bit of a collector.  I've got a stash of Loganberry goodies in my pantry.  It just also happens to be enhanced with Red 40, so it's exactly Sam/Fam friendly.   More for me.   This awesome ornament came from the same ornament company as the Wings.   This place in Buffalo does ornaments as well as great Western New York Foods.  I miss Western New York.  I miss Grandma Pat, and Suzy.  And when my Stepmom gave me this Loganberry ornament, I cried.  I miss them all so much.  
Maybe, it might be time to go back.  You know, Jacob's has never seen Niagara Falls.....