Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Baby Blue

Last night we packed up our boys to go visit Baby Bryce, and kidnap his Mama and Daddy from the hospital to feed them.   He had gotten hooked up to the bilirubin light.  It's working really well, it just means they can't hold him as much.

I've been wanting to go up to the hospital every day.  But logistically it doesn't work everyday.   So yesterday, Eric and I went on a mission to find Preemie My First Thanksgiving onesies.  Turns out no such thing exists. But Carter's had a decent stash of Preemie clothing.  It still looked like it was going to swim on him.   However, Tuesday night, Scouts got cancelled, and we found ourselves with a smidge of time.  I wrote and asked if we could Kidnap Karl and Erica for supper. I remember how much it meant to me when people brought us food.  So when Eric finished his yard work project, I packed up all the yahoos and we headed north.  The boys and I hung out in the waiting area, while Eric visited.  Then I got to take my turn.

I didn't get to hold him.  But that's ok, I did get to reach in and touch these little toes.  He's so soft.  When I visited on Sunday, I got to touch his head.

They were trying to put him on his back, all swaddled up.  
He didn't want that.  He doesn't want to be bundled up.  
He's so feisty, and has so much personality. 

At first he was not a fan of the bilirubin glasses.   But he has finally decided they are ok. 
Before he got them, he hated bright light, and Mr. Drama King would put his whole bundled arm over his head.   Now he seems more content to just put up with it.  It's just hard to see his face. 

This foot cracks me up.  I always like to sleep with my foot kicked out a bit. 
He fits into this family well. 
Tiny but mighty.  

That's what one of the onesies said that we got them.  I cried in the store when I saw that one.  I have trouble.  I told her not to expect much from me for him for Christmas.  But I couldn't help myself.  Our own NICU experience is still fresh in my mind.  I remember Christopher's first Christmas, us missing all familial celebrations, and spending it in the hospital.  We were the first folks we knew that had a NICU baby.  But this time, we are a bit more prepared to help out.   And after being Blessed by such family members and friends when we've been in a mess, we can share it.   Looks like we'll be sharing for a while.  Bryce is amazingly resilient, and feisty.  I can't wait to see what he is going to grow up like.  And his parents, well, they are amazing too.  I didn't handle it as well as they are. But God gives us all the strength to handle these things.