Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Time

 We always like to wait until Thanksgiving is officially over before breaking out the Christmas Stuff.  It would be more advantageous if we (and by we I mean Eric) had gotten up on the roof the week before Thanksgiving when it was sunny and in the 50s.  Instead it was cold.  But Eric got up there over the weekend, and put up the lights.  

Eric loves blue lights. 
Me too. 
When I was growing up, and my parents were together, there was a house across the street that always had blue candles in their windows.  Now I'm older, I wonder if they might have been Jewish.  Doesn't matter, I see Blue Christmas lights and it gives me Peace.  It just makes me think that all is calm, and all is bright when I see a bunch of blue lights.   After my Mom moved to Carmel, one of our neighbors did this Christmas Tree that you had to walk up under to get to the front door.  I loved it, and so did Eric.  He thought it was pretty nifty. So he started making one for our house.   

Someday though, he wants to put lights on the pillars, and maybe be able to switch out gels for them to turn colors.  That could be Awesome too.  

He got the lights on the Disney tree.  So Purty. 
He got the lights up outside and on all the trees before he had to go back to work.  
That's pretty great progress!

After Eric decorated the Dawn Redwood, it immediately started turning red and dropping its needles.

This year, Jacob told us (no really, he told us) he wanted to put up the Angel. 
He's a little heavy and awkward, so we opted to let him put the Angel on the top of the tree, before we connected it to the top.  He was quite proud of himself. 

Then Daddy got to lift Jacob up to straighten the angel. <3

This is Jacob and I trying to get Daddy into the Christmas Spirit.  

This is Jacob doing a Daddy impression. 
Note, neither of us could keep a straight face. 

It wasn't even fully decorated yet, and this tree is my happy place.  

Sam couldn't wait to help put up the tinsel last night. He didn't even wait for the rest of us.

All the boys wanted to get cracking putting up ornaments.

Jacob hung up a bell, and kept laying on the floor to look up at the ringer. 
He loves to ring that bell.  At least it's metal, so it'll be hard for him to break. 

Sam was quite helpful at hanging ornaments this year. 

Silhouettes of sweetboys hanging ornaments. 
I'm happy to say that this year, no ornaments were harmed in the process of decorating this tree.
Last year, Jacob shattered three before we finished decorating the tree, and 2 more shortly thereafter. 

Chris was a great helper this year.  

I decorated the Disney Tree. 
I feel like it needs more Mickey ornaments. 
Can you ever have too many Mickey ornaments?  

I love our home at Christmas time.