Monday, November 7, 2016

Back to OLD Fairview

This weekend, I got to go back to Butler. 
The Butler War Song goes, "I gotta go back to Butler, Back to Old Fairview, Back to Tony, and the Team, to Cheer the Royal Blue..."  

I love our campus in the fall. 
It fills my heart, and makes me smile. I had many a good time here, it's always been my home.

And it often does my heart good to get back to Butler regularly.  A couple weeks ago, Eric and I celebrated our 22nd Dating Anniversary by going to Butler for a Walk in the Gardens, finding the Bench where he proposed, and going out for sushi.   It filled my heart.   But this weekend, Tau Beta Sigma, my honorary music sorority, held an Alumni Board Game Night.  
It sounded like fun, I didn't know anyone at Butler and haven't for years.  

I pulled into campus, and it was very strange to not get any kids out of the car.  There was a Basketball game at the same time, so they were charging for Event Parking.  I blew right past it, because I wasn't here for an Event, and went to park by the Pharmacy building.   It looked Amazing in there!  They revamped it a few years ago, and added an addition, but I hadn't been in. It still smelled the same, medicinal and hospitaly, but not scary like the Riley soap.  

I found a Pharmaceutical Bulldog!  

We met in PB 106, which looked completely different from the days when I was there.  Round tables instead of rows, and a computerized screen.  The current VP of Membership was playing music.  It was different for me to sisters that are boys.  And though we were female when I was active in the sorority, the sorority is a co-ed one.  Both TBS and KKPsi are coed now, but it doesn't seem to cause many problems with joint participation.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed having these cool guys around.   They call them Mister Sisters.  I loved it! 

This was the crew we played with.  I ended up playing with a couple seniors, an alumnus from '14, and then after the Bball game ended, 4 freshmen rushees came in.  They were so young!   And Funny!   They made jokes I got, loved all the geeky stuff I enjoy.   And I had a great time. 

But yesterday it occurred to me that I am old.  Not only, as the only person from the Class of 98, was I old.  I graduated the year most these freshman were born! And as I drove home, I realized that my children are closer in age to these 'kids' than I was.  So I am an oldie but a goodie.  And it was really fun.  I hope they do it again, and I'll drag some of the old crew along.