Saturday, November 19, 2016

A New Member of the Family

Disclaimer:  I didn't take these photos, but Mom Willman and Eric.

Tonight, we had a big surprise.  While we were organizing clothes in Jacob's room, and cleaning up we got a strange text from my mother in law, it said OK. When we were done, we sat down for a moment to rest before putting yahoos to bed.  And a bigger note came through - apparently Mom's first note was to let us know that Erica was headed to the hospital in premature labor contractions.  But before Mom could tell us about that, the baby was here.  He was just ready to come.  Dad's taken to calling him Speedy!

They immediately headed north to Carmel, because the baby was born at 33 1/2 weeks and went straight to the NICU.  Blessedly, Erica was fine.  And surprisingly, so was the baby.  They of course, put him on oxygen and started and IV him on antibiotics and such.  My inlaws raced to the hospital and got to see him.   Eric and I both wanted to go too, but it was bedtime for boys.  We opted to send just Eric, because I had gotten to go first when Cole was born.  This was his turn.  They don't say many words, but these brothers have a bond, especially during a time of need.

This picture Mom sent made me fall in love at first sight.  
It literally took my breath away.  

After the boys were down, Eric headed north too.  
Later, Eric sent me these photos from his visit. 

He was allowed into the NICU to meet the baby. 
He's so Long!  16 inches and 3 pounds, he's all bones!

I see a lot of Cole in there.  
He doesn't have a name yet.  They thought they had 6 more weeks to figure it out. They know his middle name will be Phillip, just like Karl's.   But he's got a choice of first names, Bruce (like Bruce Wayne, is Erica's favorite choice), Bryce, Blake, and Henry.  We'll see which name fits him best. In the mean time, I think I'll just call him Speedy Pete.  Eric's Grandpa used to call Karl Pete, because Mom picked names one couldn't nickname, but Karl's middle name is Phillip, so he called him Pete. I'm not sure why, but it seemed to fit him, and we all smiled when Grandpa called him Pete.  So I'm going to call the baby Speedy Pete.  
Karl also had to go home for supplies. They hadn't packed anything.  They had no spare clothes, and hadn't even packed phone chargers.   It looks like they're going to be in for a long haul.  He should be in for a few weeks.  The rule of thumb is until he would be normally full term.  Maybe he'll be home by Christmas.  He's a Miracle. 

While Eric and his parents were visiting they let the new Mom and Dad go visit.   
Normally they don't let so many family members into the NICU, but it was a special night.  

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!