Friday, February 27, 2015


Getting back in to the groove.  We had Piper for a week before Valentine's Day.  Then I got a week off.  Then we got her back for a few days this past week.  She really fits in well around here.

Tuesday, we went to our BAM playdate, Butler Alumni Moms, at my friend K's house.  
She obviously has girls.  How fun it was to take a girl to girlapalooza!  She had fun playing Doc McStuffins and Dress Up.  And Jake joined her.  He'd never been interested in dress up before.  Then again, he's not a girl.   It was an entirely new kind of playdate for him.  Plus there were Pitty Desses, as Lisa would call them.  It was fun to have a little girl around.  

This was a snap on our way home that day.  
"Snazzy Piper"  That's what she called herself when I put these glasses on her, I had given them to her to play with so she wouldn't fall asleep on the way home.  Snazzy Piper stayed awake.  
Jake didn't. 

For the most part, Pipes does not watch tv.  Or at least, not with us.  But Jacob likes to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and Octonauts.  She decided this week, that she likes Mickey Mouse, she saw him on something in Jake's room.  So, in an effort to bring the littles up to a level of cool, I popped some of my old school Mickey Mouse cartoons in to watch.   Piper was hysterical as we watched the episode where Mickey directs the Band during a tornado.  Pipes starts yelling at the TV, "It's OK Mickey!" and "It's Just an Accident! I help you!"   So sweet, and she makes me smile.  

It's nice to have a little girl around.