Monday, February 16, 2015

The Loaner

Here we finally get a day off, President's Day, and I'm up early, not even regular time, Before regular time.  So I figure I should do some catching up on blogging.  This week, I took on something new.  A little girl!  It's kind of a hard chain to follow, but Mom and Dad Willman's Pastor's son's family lives in Ft. Wayne.  The dad travels some for work, and her mom just got a new job promotion.  The promotion involves 6 weeks-ish of training in Indy.  Luckily they can crash with Pastor, but they needed some day care for Piper, who is 2 1/2 years old and adorable.  Supposedly, she's got some special needs, but I don't see it.  But they asked if I would watch her, and I was rather honored, and I said Yes.  So this past week was her first week with us.  Well, she fits in just fine around here.  She and Jacob get along swimmingly, actually playing with each other.

This was from last weekend, when she and her Mama came over to meet us.  We'd actually not meet in person yet.   Since this was her first time with us, I vowed to take a lot of pics of her to send to her Mom while But Piper had a great time meeting all the boys, and getting to play with all their toys.  I had picked up this sled for Jacob a couple weeks ago, when they were threatening us with a blizzard.  Well, I call this sled insurance. By buying a 5$ sled, I assured us that there would be no blizzard.  You are all welcome.  The boys were crushed though, so they've been playing with the sled all over the house.  

It was 50 degrees outside, but that didn't stop the kids from wanting to play sled in the house! 

When she showed up on Monday, the first thing she wanted to do was play with the plastic sled in the house.  And she loaded up all her baby dolls into the sled and dragged them all around.  Jacob did not know what to do about that.  He wanted her to pull him!   The only argument they had on Monday was when he wanted to ride, and she didn't want to pull him.  Well, they are only about 6 months apart in age, and though she's Sam's size, she is just barely strong enough to pull Jake around.  He wasn't down with her disapproval.  That's what it would be like if you had a sister kid!  

Having her around has actually been good for him.  
She plays but she also makes him work.  
They love all the musical instruments we have around the house, and I was getting serenaded all over the place!  They love to play the drums all the time!  

By the end of the day Monday, I was getting serenaded by slide whistle and recorder. 
Piper has a Gift, she picks up a new instrument and just figures out how to play it!  
Good thing she's in Kindermusik.  She was doing it in Ft. Wayne, so she gets to come with us, even the same level class as Jacob, and she can attend and participate with us.  The first time she heard the songs, she could sign along with the choruses before the song was done!  Special needs, my aunt fanny. She's got mad oral skills!  She talks all the time, I'm not used to having someone around that repeats back everything I say, in English.  Having her around is good for Jacob. 

Sometimes they broke out the big boy toys.  
They were cracking me up as they played Rock Em Sock Em robots together. 

Wednesday we had a friend come over with her son to play and talk oils.  
The three of them found my stash of Christmas hats.  I called Piper one of Santa's elves.  She told me, "I not Santa, I just cute."

Like I said, EVERY Musical instrument in the house. 
They actually play together.  It's adorable. 

And she naps.  Regularly!  I can tell time by her. When 1 oclock comes, if I say Piper let's go take a nap, she'll run right upstairs, grabbing loveys on the way.  She goes down so easily.  And she sleeps, for 2 hours exactly.  It's weird.  I'm not used to having such a good sleeper!  She loves story time, she and Jacob both like to pick stories to read.   They never seem to settle on the same one.  But Piper's new favorite is this one Workin' on the railroad, probably because we sing.  Again, music all the time.  See how well she fits right in?

Friday was the Valentine's day party at the boys' school.  So in the morning, Piper and Jacob made Valentine window decorations for their mommies.  I let them paint.  With acrylic paint.  I know, a crazy wild hair.  But they were adorable, they had a great time, and I have something to hang in the window.  I don't get artistic very often, but when I do, I don't regret it.   And I haven't regretted saying Yes to borrowing this sweet girl.