Saturday, November 30, 2013

What a waste of Turkey Pie.

Also known as, What I did on my Thanksgiving Vacation, blessedly, the last blog of November.

Happy Thanksgiving from my beastly boys.  

We did what we always do, we drove up to Marion for the holiday to have Thanksgiving meal with Aunt Betty, Grandpa Willman, and as many of the cousins as can make it.  It's kind of an unwritten rule, that as long as Grandpa Willman is still going strong, and at 97, he is, we will keep going up to Marion for holidays.  Plus, Eric's extended Fam is just so much fun.  
This was so much nicer drive than last year.  I was sick, having been in the hospital for a placental tear, and they told me to do Nothing over the holiday weekend, it was the first days of my bedrest.  Though I thought it was just for the weekend at the time.  Ha.   Anyway, this trip north started off so well.  Within moments of leaving the house, Chris was reading some library books and Sam was reading too, and Jake fell asleep.  

Eric and I got to talk.  I thought this was going to be Great.  A great day! 
Only....then just outside of Elwood, Christopher's mild complaints of a tummy ache got quite emphatic.  And just as we pulled over, he started to puke.  He threw up the entire contents of his stomach and then some. 
We couldn't really do much, so we cleaned his face, and drove on to the nearest gas station.  
He said he felt Much Better.  I think maybe he'd eaten something.  My husband, who is awesome, cleaned as much of the yak as he could, and put the dirties in the spare backpack we keep in the car.  Somehow Chris managed to avoid his own clothes, or the library books, the stroller, and anything valuable.  Good Job. Just got the space next to his seat, the buckle, his coat.  But he felt great afterwards.  
So we continued on up to Marion. 

They'd held the start of the meal for us, so as soon as we got there, we disinfected ourselves, and dug in. 
Not surprisingly, Chris didn't want anything.  Eventually, he ate a couple rolls and a bite of turkey, and that was fine, I didn't want him eating much more than that anyway.  He didn't care about eating, but he just wanted to Play with his cousins.   

Meanwhile, we introduced Jacob to Thanksgiving.  We had made some squash, and we let Jacob have some bites of it.  He liked it.  Didn't eat much more than 3 or 4 bites, but he isn't really one to eat a lot anyway, so he did great.  

The kids ran rampant around the house, wanting to play inside and outside.   When Chris went out, he borrowed Jake's cape.  I tried to get a picture of him, but the kid never held still enough. Guess that was a good sign he felt better.  We ate ourselves stuffed though.  So after some digestion time, we decided to take a walk.  All of us.  

I even bundled Jacob up to take him out for a walk.  
He didn't like it.  We made it about 2 houses down, and Jake demanded to go back home.  
I think it's the hat. 

The weather on Friday (Black Friday) was cool, but warm enough for Eric to get on the roof and do the lights.  We appointed the boys as "Helpers".  
Christopher had two jobs - the first was as ladder holder, as Eric went up and down, and the second was phone holder, so that he could call 911 if Eric fell off the ladder.  It always makes me nervous when Eric gets up on ladders, especially since this one is exactly the same size as our 2 story house, there isn't much give if you know what I mean. So since Jacob has kept me indoors the last two Thanksgivings, I put Chris to work.  And actually, he did a great job, until Sam came outside and distracted him, but by then Eric was mostly done.   It was so great to be productive for the holidays. We used to travel on Thanksgiving weekend, now we just zip up to Marion for Thanksgiving day, and get our decorating done the rest of the weekend.  Works well for me! 

Saturday was a better day for working Indoors.  Eric started the trees, and I entertained the boys. 

Or shall I say, the boys entertained me.  
We had fun being silly and taking 'selfies', pictures of ourselves.  

I think Jake is beginning to pose for the camera.  
Little blurry but still adorable.

The elder boys were thrilled about the Christmas tree going up.  
Jake didn't know what that was all about.   

Jake was happy just to play with me and my camera. 

Saturday evening, we went to my Dad's for "leftovers".  

My stepmom is a phenomenal cook.  If she were so inclined, she could knock all those people off  Top Chef and all of those other shows.  She puts out a beautiful spread, even for just 'leftovers'.  Since we don't make it for Thanksgiving, we usually end up getting to visit them over the weekend.  She takes her leftovers from Thanksgiving - turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas and gravy, and puts them in a pie crust.  She makes leftovers marvelous.  

And I normally can't help myself, I stuff myself. For some reason, after listening to Jake scream all the way down, my stomach hurt, and so did my head.  I was feeling rather queasy.  That didn't stop me from eating some pie.  OK, I had a few bites, and some squash.  Oh, I love the squash.  But it wasn't sitting well,  not at all.  Didn't stop me from half a dozen bites.

I think Jake ate more squash than I did.

Then my stomach started making really loud, obnoxious noises.  I ended up in the bathroom.  Repeatedly.  Luckily, the kids and Oma and Opa had fun playing games, looking at the tree, saying hello to their german shepherd Schnitzel.  My colon empty, or so I thought, we made a break for it, so I could get home.  I thought I was in the clear.  I didn't think I had anything left to give.   Until we loaded up into the car.  Eric got all the kids, and their gear into the car.  My stepmom gave me a sprite for the road.  I sat down and opened the Sprite.  Eric shifted the car into reverse, and I had to tell him to stop.  I got the door opened Just in time to barf all over my father's driveway.  So embarassing.  At least it was warm enough outside that they could break out the hose to hose down the driveway.   Did I mention how mortified I was.  I'm 38 years old, I should be able to hold it together than to puke in Daddy's driveway.  Ugh.  Oh well, at least Eric pointed out, that I hadn't puked in the car, like Chris a few days before, since he had taken the car to Kopetsky's.  But sheesh, what  a waste of turkey pie.  I made it home and  have just ended up just purging all night long.  After the kids went down, Eric ran for gatorade for me.  You know you're sick when you can barely keep gatorade down.  But once it's down, it's the Best stuff in the world.  God Bless Gatorade.