Sunday, November 24, 2013

Celebrating the newest Willman

Last Saturday, the 16th, I helped host a Baby Shower for my sister-in-law, Erica. 
Karl and Erica are expecting their first sweetboy at the beginning of January. 

32 weeks and looking Fabulous!!

These two bitty boys are not going to be the youngest or smallest Willmans for much longer.  
Surprisingly, Jacob seems to be catching up to Jeremiah.  I'm not used to having a normal size baby.  JJ has a bigger head, and sweet blond hair compared to Jake's brown fuzz, but now that he's moving, Jacob as a rollier pollier middle.  Yup, he'll be catching up soon enough!   Nice photobomb Kaylee. :) 

The next two Willman babies.  
Dueling Bellies!

Kaylee and Alexis being sweet.  
I just loved this picture.  They were having a lot of fun being silly and drinking punch.  The punch was a big hit for the girls, just sprite and rainbow sherbert.  

Awww.. Erica, the Grandmas, and the haul.  

Sometimes I just want to smack people that are all beautiful, and glowy, and gorgeous when they are pregnant.  I never got that.  Erica, on the other hand, she's all beautiful, and gorgeous and glowy, she didn't take a bad picture the whole day.  Even opening diapers, she looks fabulous. 

Aww...opening outfits.  I love it when they have little monkey feet or bear bottoms.  

We started Baby Boy's new library.  Just the essentials, you know. 

Aww.. Baby's 1st Batman book.  
Yeah, that was our doing.  

Erica (and Karl too I suppose) is a big Batman fan.  
So we needed to start baby boy up right. 

I crocheted the baby a bitty blankee.  Just big enough for a bucket size.  I bought 18 tons of yarn, thinking it was so thin, I'd need more than usual, but it stitched up fine, was silky soft, so what I thought was going to be alternating stripes ended up just being 3 swaths.  His nursery is going to be jungle themed, so, orange, green, and brown seemed perfect.  

Baby Boy's new room.  
They haven't narrowed down a name yet.  

Dueling baby bellies again.  Travis and Kelli are due at the beginning of December, and Karl and Erica at the beginning of January.  Both are expecting boys.  It's going to be a Good Time when we all get together for Willman Family Fests as all these sweetboys get older.  Talk about an overdose of Cuteness.  

After the shower, Mom and I did a bit of shopping/hunting.  That's when we decided to meet for supper at the fam's favorite sushi place in Avon.  Hiroshima.  It is now owned by the people that used to own the sushi place Ginza, where we would go when we were dating.  Of course, back then we ate off the grill, now we don't even bother with the grill, just the sushi.  We went with all the kids.  That was the Craziest part of all.  The kid even had a good time.  It had been at least a year since we'd been....actually, I want to say it was after Mom's retirement party in June 2012.    Anyway, it had been a long while.  And we did it justice.  And there were a few new treats too.  Christopher seemed open to trying new things besides chicken fingers. 

He tried some seaweed salad.  And liked it!  Well, he liked it enough to have a couple more bites.  He may need a bit more practice with chopsticks.  Sam liked my soup...mostly just the broth.  

We tried to give Jacob a piece of rice, but he gagged.  He was more interested in Daddy's sake.  Um No Sir, you can wait a few more years for that!