Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Belated Birthday Celebration

We were sick at Kaylee's birthday this year.  It's at the end of October, and just as fall break ended, we got cooties.  So we had to postpone her fam birthday party to the next weekend, which was the 2nd of November. The boys were so excited to come over and play with her, they were bouncing off the walls, which worked well since there were so many cousins to play with.  I guess I could have also called this Cousins Gone Wild.

Kaylee's other cousins M and A were also there, so there was tons of fun to be had.  My boys love to play with Kaylee, and her toys.  

Meanwhile, Jacob and Jeremiah were having some fun on the floor.  Jeremiah is on the move, practically crawling.  Jake on the other hand, barely tolerates tummy time.  But with Jeremiah to play with, he held it there for a little bit before flopping over.  He really liked all of his toys.  Somehow we managed to get rid of all our little boy toys, you know, the ones that are great for not quite 1 year old crowd.  We've picked up a couple gently used saucers though, and been given a play mat, so he keeps busy.  But it was Like Christmas for Jake when he got to play with all these new (to him) toys.  He's really becoming a lot of interactive fun, enjoying toys and people.  

Jake and Sam had fun playing with one of Jeremiah's toys...together.  It may be historic. 

Dad asked us a favor, that we sit all the kids on the couch, to get a picture of all 6 grandkids.  Of course, getting 6 grandkids together is like herding cats.  

Then we got to open presents.  Kaylee enjoyed the Adventure Time shirt we found for her.  It's one of her favorite shows....she's even sucked the boys into it, a bit. 

Birthday Brownies!

Then the kids showed us their costumes from Halloween, Lexi was a cat, and Kaylee was a werewolf.  Apparently, she was putting the makeup on herself, so after Jake and I left to go home and go to bed, so put some on Chris too.  

He does make a pretty kitty.  They have so much fun with their cousins, we just don't get to spend as much time with them as we want.  We all love them so.