Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Trip to the Museum

Also known as the Saturday 16 ;)
Last weekend, we found ourselves with little to do on a Saturday morning before the holidays. We opted to go to the Children's Museum to take the boys to see Santa. We were there when they opened, and among the first in line, so for those of you just interested in seeing some of the boys seeing Santa, here you go.

However, the Children's Museum at Christmastime is SO Much more than just visiting Santa. The boys were festive the minute we rolled through the door, as was the entire Museum. I love that place!

We just got back from Disney World, where Chris got to become familiar with meeting lots of Characters. And when he saw the Children's Museum mascot, Rex, Chris couldn't wait to go give him a hug! It was very sweet.

As soon as we got in, we realized that it was an hour to see Santa, so we rode the Yule Slide. Sam was very excited to wait in line (he's getting good at it) for the slide and just to be surrounded with such joy.

Chris was FINALLY tall enough to ride down all by himself. And Sam was allowed to ride down with us. It was a Race! We tied!

They had a little area for babies, much like the BabyScape, where the Sam could play a bit and not get tackled by older kids. Sam found great joy in a stuffed penguin.

Wow Wow Winter Wubzies!

Chris was tiny enough that he could get into the baby area, but he didn't want to stay. He's been into cookie making lately, so he Had to go into Santa's kitchen and make few cookies.

Then we Waited for Santa. We waited. It wasn't too bad of a line, but Sam started getting fussy. That was the beginning of the meltdown. Sam was NOT a Fan of Santa. (Which I find odd since he loved all the Disney characters.) And even less of a fan of Mommy stepping away so a Picture could be taken. It was a good thing we didn't pay for the fancy package, and just took our own pictures.

Then Chris did a little "ice fishing". Although he often cheated and put the fish on the hook, then pretended to catch it.

A new addition was a Sock Skating pond. Chris took his socks off, and ran back and forth to "Skate". There were a lot of kids, and I was just happy he didn't get knocked down.

Then they kicked it up a notch by starting a "Snowball Fight". It was actually really adorable. They had the kids on the 'ice skating pond' put their shoes back on, and they tossed out a bunch of puffed snowballs. Very lightweight, and all Fluff. Couldn't hurt anyone...yeah!

Of course, with a sport like indoor snowball fighting, one must have a Referee. Chris only wanted to toss his snowballs at her. Smart really. He's learned we don't throw things at other kids, and the Ref WANTED snowballs thrown at her, so he did. He kept wanting to put them into the basket, very handy during clean up time. But once he realized that they were done, oh we had a serious Meltdown on our hands.

We left the snowball arena and went to ride the Carousel. Here's my boys, getting ready for the ride.

It was Baby's First Carousel Ride. (sniff)

We hadn't been with Daddy in Ages, and he wanted to stop and see the Star Wars Clone Wars exhibit. So we HAD to go check it out. The boys really enjoyed it...and I mean all 3.

Check out my son doing his best Yoda impression. Cracks me up.

On that note, we surrendured for the day. And on that note I wish you many festive tidings, from Santa and Yoda.


Krysten said...

I don't think those two could get any cuter if they tried!