Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Christmas

What is it about this year, that every time I hop on the Christmas radio station, there is a remake of the Wham! hit Last Christmas? It was an OK song, but why remake it? And badly.
Tonight on the way home from the grandparents, once again we find ourselves listening to some Pop Princess remake of Last Christmas. I turn to Eric, and just say, "If it's not Wham! It's Crap." You know, just like in that Mike Myers movie.

Well, from the back seat. Chris asks, "Is it Wham?"
"No." I simply say.
"Then it's cop." He asks tentatively.
"Yes." I couldn't Not acknowledge him. So yeah, I'm also a terrible parent. At least he isn't quite pronouncing it Crap. Maybe his teacher won't notice.
"It's Cop." Much more definitive this time. He's sure. It's Crap.
"Yes." It was the only word I could get out before dissolving in laughter so strong that not only did I forget to breathe, but there were tears. I did manage to keep fairly silent, so as to not egg Chris on too much, but between Eric and I laughing, it was impossible.


Carla S said...

So true. Those remakes are torture and the original isn't much better! I think Chris got it right. It's Cop. I'm going to steal it. (Though don't let him listen to Prince. He might start using cop in a different context. LOL)

Anonymous said...

You know, I heard one of those too for the first time the other day, and I was HORRIFIED! I agree, if it's not Wham, it's cop. I think I told Pants that George Michael was rolling over in his future grave. :)