Sunday, December 6, 2009

Disney, Day 2

Our First Day, we went to Magic Kingdom. We'd told the kids we were going to Mickey Mouse's house.

Everyone was excited to put on their ears!

We were there when they opened, so we went flooding in, rushing to Toon Town (where Mickey's House is). We got distracted along the way by Pluto, our first autograph stop. We were there early, and we talked to an employee, who told us it would be a while, but we were determined to wait. Then while we were waiting for Toon Town to open, another dream came true, Chris and Mommy got to ride the Mad Hatter's teacups. Eric and Kathleen get very dizzy on that sort of ride, so Kathleen watched Sam and 'held' our place in line, and Eric took pictures and the rest of us hit the Teacups! Chris did great. Now once we got really moving, I got a bit dizzy and had to slow it down a smidge, but we had a great time riding the teacups.

Then they let us through the line and we made a mad dash for Mickey's. Somehow we ended up being first, and Mickey greeted us at the door. He took Emily and Christopher in each hand, and personally escorted them through his house. It was amazing. We were in such awe, we know this isn't the usual, but Mickey Mouse makes dreams come true, and it was Chris's dream to meet Mickey, and he did. And after all he'd been through, this was the answer to prayers. Not that I'm saying that Mickey is the answer of a prayer, but more like being so healthy and able to go and receive this gift was.

Anyway, we had a personal tour of his home, and garden, and his photo booth was based out back. Minnie met us there too! She was supposed to be at her own house, but Chris and our party got some extra special quality time with these mice. It was so amazing, and Mickey and Minnie were so adoring to the kids, that I couldn't help but cry. Minnie came over and gave me a hug, and dried my tears. It was a dream come true.

From there we went over to the princess's tents, which aren't tents, but house and gift shop, where you can go in and meet the princesses. It was Emily's dream to meet Cinderella but Chris was perfectly thrilled to meet them. We got to meet Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle. When they asked about our pins, which Chris was wearing two, "I'm Celebrating!" and "My 1st Visit!", Emily told Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella that we were celebrating Christopher getting his tube removed. (Totally unprompted) At which point, Chris pulled up his shirt and showed them his healthy tummy. Cinderella must've been very touched, because once she found out, she didn't want to put Chris down. She held him on her lap, and then she got up and danced with him. I cried. Some more. It was beautiful.

After being there 24 hours, my son had met Mickey Mouse, ridden the Teacups, and danced with Cinderella, and I could've gone home.

But we didn't. ;)

From there we went over to ride Dumbo. There was a bit of a line for it, but the kids wanted to do it so Badly. It was Sam's first ride in DisneyWorld, and he enjoyed it thoroughly.

From there Chris wanted to ride in the cars. Now he had done that before, but he loves it, and he was big enough that he got to drive his own car! I had made matching t-shirts for all of us, and they were yellow, we were a hard group to miss.
We did lunch, NOT avoiding the crowds, in the Tomorrowland Starlight Cafe. Good grub, but crazy busy. The meals come with dessert, and Eric got me a piece of rich chocolate cake with mickey sprinkles on top, which was Fun! Afterwards, we made our moves to head back to the hotel for naps. Turns out we ALL needed Naps.We didn't get far when we stopped for more photo ops, with the castle and with Chip and Dale, and Daisy Duck.
We got back from naps just after dark, and just in time to catch a good seat on the City Hall steps to watch the Spectro Magic Parade. It was a light parade starring all our favorite characters who were wearing costumes with lights on them, and the lights would change from all white to multi colored, and everything in between. Pretty stinky cool! Then they turned the castle on too, and it was lit with 'icicle' lights, looking like it had been covered in ice. Those lights changed colors from blues to purples to white, so pretty. We thought we'd catch the Fireworks show, but Emily was scared of fireworks, so they decided to take her to It's a Small World to hide her amidst that noise. That was a good idea, Chris was interested in fireworks, for about 3 minutes, then he started chanting, "all done, All Done, ALL DONE!" So we went into It's a Small World too. Both boys adored that ride! Sam was even Giggling! Afterwards, we went on the hunt to find food. The park was open late for "Magic hours" extended hours for those staying within the resort, but I was not Feeling the Magic when the first 3 places we stopped at to sit down and eat were closed. We ended up at Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Tavern, which was wicked crowded, but the food was good, I got a yummy chicken ceasar (?) salad wrap and the boy and I ate french fries.

On our way out we rode the Carousel, not the kids' first, but these horses were HUGE! Actually the horses on the outside were slightly larger than the inner horses, interestingly enough. Daddy stayed with Sam who had fallen asleep as we walked, and he slept until we had to wake him to get him on our bus. Then we went to meet Donald Duck, Rafiki, and 2 of the girl mice from Cinderella (bet you didn't know that they had names, the gal told me they only mentioned Mary, but these were Susie and Perla.) It was clear that the kids preferred meeting characters and rotating rides to much everything else. I wonder who picks the names if they aren't mentioned in the story. We rode a Winnie the Pooh ride and Peter Pan, and headed out of the park around the amazingly lit castle. It was pretty darn Beautiful!

This is one of my favorites, the beautifully lit castle with the silouettes of Walt and Mickey just in front. Couldn't get up there during the day, it was too crowded, but at night, it was just That much more beautiful.


SuperSillyAunt said...

Makes me want to go back! I can't wait to hear more stories. The Cinderella bit was definitely my favorite of your stories so far!

Carla S said...

I got tears when I saw that Mickey escorted Chris through his house! How fantastic for him and what a special treat!!