Monday, December 7, 2009

Disney, Day 6

Friday was our last day in Disney World. When we woke up we scrambled to pack, and since we had a park hopper pass, we figured we'd let Chris choose what he wanted to do on our last day. He told us he wanted to Ride Buzz, that mean ride Toy Story Mania again. We had gotten fastpasses last time, but we figured we wouldn't make it in time for them again, so we'd have to wait through. We went and the line was 40 minutes long. But Chris loved that ride, and he had a great time.
Oh did I mention that as soon as we got on the bus to Hollywood Studios it started to rain. And Rain. And RAIN. The rain got harder as our day progressed. I was thinking about sticking around Hollywood Studios until lunchtime, but Eric mentioned that he'd really wanted to see the recently revamped Pirates of the Carribbean. So we hopped on over to Magic Kingdom and rode it. In the Rain. The boys loved it. Mommy and Daddy broke out the ponchos at Hollywood studios, we thought the boys were safe in the stroller, but we noticed Chris's pants were starting to get wet. So when we got to Magic Kingdom, Chris got his very own "Special Poncho" with Mickey Mouse on it, and on him the youth poncho was as long as a dress. He was Thrilled, he should be, our ponchos were like $1, his was $7.50. The Motto of the Day was "A rainy day in Disney World is still better than a sunny day at the office."
It didn't matter to us that it was raining, we were having a great time. We got good and soaked finding our way across the park in the downpour. Really only the few and faithful will continue on in Disney in the rain. We were they. It was a fun adventure.

The boys loved the Pirates ride. It strikes me as strange that this ride inspired the movie, so they took parts of the movies and spliced them back into the ride. Weird, but whatever, it's still a neat ride. Sam's favorite part was the dog that had the keys that the pirates are trying to call.

Eric had decided that if Chris asked Nicely, he'd buy him a Pirate's Hook in the gift shop. Chris did. It didn't take him 30 seconds to spot the barrel full of hooks. Sam on the other hand ended up with the stuffed dog with keys in his mouth. Sam chews on it constantly.

It was pouring down rain, but that didn't stop Chris from wanting to ride Aladdin's Magic Carpets. So we did, rode in the rain.

Then we decided to go back to the hotel and grab a quick lunch before boarding our bus which arrived at 3:30 to take us to the airport. We made it just barely. Didn't have time to eat our desserts though. ;(

The busdriver was cracking us up, telling us we were there on one of the three days in Florida when it rains all day, Day #2 was going to be the next day. Oh well, it wasn't too bad to us, we were wet, and it was chilly out, but we were still in our short sleeves. Our plane got slightly delayed at the airport, but the boys were so tired by that time they just conked out on the plane. One minute I was telling him he'd have to wait to take his seat belt off, the next moment he was out. Sam slept more fitfully, he pooped during takeoff, and because of turbulence (ie rainstorms!) they wouldn't let us take him to change his diaper. Once done, he was in a great mood.
When we landed it was 19 degrees. Brr. But Eric's Dad had the car ready and warm to pick us up, and it didn't seem so bad. In fact, as we drove down the street coming home, it seemed good to be ending our trip and returning to cold. Folks Christmas lights were on the trees, and it seemed we were leaping from one great celebration into another.


SuperSillyAunt said...

So one of the best things I've noticed from all these posts is the great big smile Eric has on his face all the time. It's so nice when a hard working guy can take a break and enjoy his family every once in a while! I noticed the same thing about Ryan when we were on our trip.